Winning the opportunity in ESOS…

Published / 18/08/2015

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is the latest piece of legislation aimed at driving improvements in energy efficiency.

Developed in response the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, the ESOS scheme is expected to affect more than 7,500 large organisations. Compliance with ESOS will be mandatory for ‘large enterprises’, defined as those companies that employ greater than 250 people or have an annual turnover greater than £42m, and an annual balance sheet total exceeding £36m.

NJW have developed ESOS365 to provide a visual representation of your energy use, enabling you to change consumption patterns and keep your organisation compliant.

ESOS365 translates data sets from multiple data sources, providing you with a dynamic control centre of high-level energy/sustainability information across your property or geographical portfolio.

This software solution offers many interactive energy location maps, and dashboards to help you exceed the energy market recommendations and client requirements.

Examples of ESOS365 dashboards:

  • Energy Summaries
  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Trend Analysis
  • Meter Screens and Analytics
  • Performance Analytics
  • And many more

To see if ESOS365 is the right software solution for you, please click here, ESOS365