Visualising maintenance plans and actual

Published / 06/07/2015

One of the signs of a high-performing Facilities Management (FM) operational team is that their work, even their presence, is unnoticed by the client. When an effective preventive scheduling regime is combined with a responsive approach to reactive calls outages either they don’t occur or are resolved very quickly. A workplace that is clean, secure, welcoming and with all services functioning as promised becomes the norm. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way workers become aware of the efforts of the FM team are when issues interrupt their day. This gives the FM team some significant challenges:

  • How do you show the client management team how much effort is being expended on achieving high-levels of service?
  • How can the client believe that SLAs are being met?
  • How well are resources being used on achieving SLAs? Targets may be met – but could they be achieved at a lower cost?
  • What opportunities are there for greater efficiency and lower overall cost?
  • What different SLA levels (higher or lower) could be delivered? What would the implications be?

The key to answering all of the questions above is of course data. The challenge is getting this information in a structure that facilitates scenario planning; directs attention to outlying performance (high or low) and identifies root causes of achievement.

The leading CAFM (or IWMS, CMMS, EAM) systems all provide effective scheduling capability – but lack the analytic and reporting functionality essential for driving performance improvement. They also rarely package performance details in a manner senior clients (to validate SLAs are met) and operational leaders (to drive improvement) need them.

Focal365 achieves this by taking details (planned and actual) of service requests, work orders, asset availability and SLA targets – structuring them in an easy to view manner. These can be configured to answer all the major questions – samples below:

Which sites are suffering from poor performance?

Poor Performance

Which suppliers are meeting or exceeding SLAs?

Meeting or exceeding SLAs

What are the performance trends by service?

Performance trends by service

Focal365’s visually compelling design ensures that attention is drawn to pertinent and valuable information. It points the way to improvement and will satisfy the most sceptical client that the promised performance is being delivered.


Maintenance Plans and Actual