Sponsorship comes in many shapes and sizes

Published / 27/09/2016

Sponsorship comes in many
shapes and sizes

Nigel Warrick CEO of NJW, Chairman and main sponsor of Hungerford Town Football Club, thanks VEOLIA Environmental Services for their sponsorship, and making the club an even greener place to play and watch football.

Veolia have selected to sponsor Hungerford Town Football Club in the form of providing large green waste bins, pitch side cleaning and signage to assist the club in being clean and green. The waste is disposed of professionally in a environmental friendly manner.

The UK leader in environmental solutions, Veolia provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials.

Veolia are innovators committed to focusing on carbon reduction by preventing pollution, preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, combating climate change and raising environmental awareness.

Our new strategy is focused on manufacturing green products and energy, helping our customers and suppliers reduce their carbon impact by investing more than £1 billion on new infrastructure between 2012 – 2018.

From transforming sludge into plastic, recovering palladium from street sweepings and future-gazing with our ‘Imagine 2050’ report we are turning the once ‘traditional’ waste, water and energy management industry on its head.