Published / 02/06/2015

NJW are currently delivering a number of large Space Utilisation Studies across the UK, using the UTILISE365 Toolkit. NJW are working to collect occupancy data for a multitude of clients across various portfolio types. This objective data can be collected through a number of mechanisms including tablets, desk sensors, building/thermo sensors and security data, it is then analysed by our team of expert workplace consultants and reported back with the opportunities for change, via an online portal.

Space Utilisation Studies help businesses in many ways – whether they are looking to occupy more space, consolidate an existing portfolio or change the way that they work. Understanding how your space is currently used is the first step in any change scenario.

The average total office cost of the area occupied by a single workstation in the UK ranges from £6,000 to £14,000 a year and with workstations only being occupied on average 55% of the time, NJW can help you recognise the areas suitable for change.

The utilisation study is typically offered as a process to collect the ‘as is’ data, coupled with stakeholder engagement and the relevant business drivers this information then contributes to building an informed and comprehensive workplace strategy.

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