The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Published / 13/06/2016

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

The real value of FOCAL365 can be judged only from practical experience or proven results and not from appearance or theory.

As such, I want to highlight just one of our clients, Sodexo who are using FOCAL365 successfully for ‘ILA’ International Large Accounts, white labelled as ‘Sodexo Connections’.

Sodexo not only provide Quality of life services through professional, cost effective integrated FM services. Sodexo also provide ‘Sodexo Connections’ in the cloud for instant access, data centralisation, operational visibility, performance measurement, improvement and predictive efficiency.

Sodexo believed and invested in NJW technology, often shaping our development designs working closely with our teams on targeted agile development sprints.

Sodexo now have multiple international clients benefiting from easy access to their property portfolio and facilities information through an efficient central analytical enterprise solution.

Sodexo Connections provides a strategic IT layer which interacts and displays data from core supply chain solutions such as Maximo, SAP and others. It also provides client access with the ability to data mine and aggregated from the clients solutions.

Many BI Business Intelligent solutions boast advanced and predictive analytics but Nicola Blacker – Finance Director of Sodexo Strategic Accounts Corporate Services was a guest speaker at our recent BT Tower Event:

Watch Nicola’s presentation to see advanced analytics and Nicola often jibes that she knows FOCAL365 more comprehensively than me……… I agree

Nigel Warrick

Hindsight, Insight and Foresight – Harnessing the Power of Analytics
Nicola Blackler – Finance Director for Business Development at Sodexo