The Joys of Working in a Grade 2 Listed Property

Published / 14/05/2018

The Joys of Working in a Grade 2 Listed Property

NJW workers love working in Goldwell House which was originally built circa 1768. It was originally remodelled and re-roofed in the early 19th century.

NJW acquired and initially refurbished the 4 storey building in 2012  the adjacent photo shows how it initially looked.  

The latest improvement is to replace the air conditioning units and a cherry picker has to be used to access the roof areas.
A new hipped slate roof with coved, projecting eaves course was refurbished 2 years ago. Indeed, the building is being lovingly restored room by room.

It is easy for a technology company to rent a ‘fit for purpose’ office and squeeze people into open plan workplaces but NJW prefer to design their own workplace using a traditional environment with contemporary furnishings.

With a Grade 2 listed building you have to be sympathetic to the space as you cannot knock walls down to create open plan spaces. NJW have designed bespoke furniture to fit the space and designed in high technology equipment and connections to provide the modern comforts.

The redesign also stretches to the outside of the building where the back garden has been recently landscaped complete with an outside garden office.

NJW think it is important for workers to enjoy their work environment.
The only problem is that NJW have experienced a 30% growth spurt in the last 12 months and may have to buy another property if the current sales pipeline matures. Perhaps an old pub or Post Office may be appropriate for one of the departments to grow into.

Goldwell House in various stages of development