Visual and intuitive resource reservation and occupancy analytics.

UTILISE365 is a total occupancy solution for measuring workplace effectiveness. Our suite of utilisation tools and services help organisations across a wide range of industries to gain a detailed understanding of how effective their workplace environment is, how well it supports employees and visitors and most importantly how efficient it could become.

With an unparalleled suite of accessible, inexpensive high-performance utilisation tools, we can provide a range of qualitative and quantitative audit services. This informs executive boards, project managers, workplace designers, corporate real estate teams and change management consultants with timely and accurate utilisation data and benchmarking.

Why measure space utilisation?

  • To gain powerful data on how the workplace is used
  • Cost saving – consolidation of space
  • Identify opportunities for increased headcount
  • Introduction of flexible working
  • Facilitate merger with other businesses or offices
  • Introduction of alternative work settings
  • Flexibility for future growth without real estate issues
  • Identify ongoing cost saving initiatives
  • Establish new ways of working



1 KIOSK365 NJW's Resource Booking System

KIOSK365 and UTILIS365 are new modules, under deployment globally.

They integrate with Focal365 and initially TRIRIGA Reserve (other applications to follow) to provide “21st century” room & desk booking, with highly graphical meaningful analytics.

KIOSK365 Is a touch screen reservation system, designed for the lobby or entrance hall of prestigious buildings, it also can be used for desk, and colleague location.
It works in combination with the Outlook and Room / Desk reservation system.

Utilise365 Is a highly visual analytics module, driven from real-time occupancy room booking, “swipes” and telemetry.


Extend to Room and Desk Reservation

2 Technology Options

It can be very confusing and expensive selecting the correct technology, procedure and resources to audit your property portfolio and often you will require a mixture of devices to measure different work types. You will need to hit the ground running to reap the rewards from your investment and have control of your drawings, assets and people, from concept to completion.

utilise_tech_optionsHand-held technologies

Using hand-held technologies a space utilisation study measures occupancy through time, providing management information by building, floor, department and activity. Detailed information is then sent to a central database in the cloud and presented through dashboard reporting.

Infrastructure systems

Data can be gathered from a number of workplace infrastructure systems including access control, telephone systems, motion detectors, thermal sensors and RFID.

Desk sensors

A unique wireless sensor that continually and accurately measures utilisation on an individual desk or meeting space. Small, discreet, easy to fix – this wireless device transmits utilisation data to a centralised database.

Room booking systems

Linking to room booking systems, UTILISE365 provides detailed reports on how your meeting rooms and resources are being used. This ongoing, accurate data enables you to improve usage levels of your meeting rooms and avoid unnecessary costs.

Utilisation Reporting

Using both industry knowledge and leading technology to inform the other, you will quickly recognise the potential to reduce your real estate costs and develop ongoing cost saving initiatives.

UTILISE365 provides a full Management Information Solution publishing ‘live’ dashboard analytics from the disparate occupancy databases.

3 Delivery Approach

utilise_slide_2aAt NJW we help organisations achieve the optimum working environment. To do this we follow three key steps:


Understanding how organisations work within their existing space, to do this we offer a number  of services to capture the ‘as is’ picture, including building surveys, asset, furniture and storage audits as well as analysing the existing space occupancy to identify opportunities.


Engaging with employees at all levels of the business is essential to the success of any workplace change. Our strategic consultants work with businesses to understand their requirements using a number of mechanisms including online workplace effectiveness surveys, accommodation reviews and workshops, industry benchmarking and guiding of best practice.


Many employees are already taking advantage of some forms of flexible working, however, this largely consists of first (home), second (office) and third spaces (coffee-shop environments), whilst this way of working provides employees with a level of flexibility it is not conducive of the collaborative environment that many organisations wish to build upon. NJW have extensive experience in designing environments to incorporate the work settings to support these future ways of working.

4 Workplace Service Options



New and evolving workplace strategies are gathering much momentum, driven by the rapid growth of new generations entering the workforce. These generations appreciate new technology and the freedom to work anywhere at anytime with a natural inclination to work with others (i.e. outside an individual workspace).

Alternative workplace strategies involve a bit of risk-taking by an organisation and a tolerance for change. At NJW we help organisations to create a work climate to attract, motivate and retain high performing employees. Our strategic approach will also facilitate the ability to make informed decisions on projected accommodation requirements that inevitably lead to huge cost savings.

Our full list of workplace services

Experience counts, it ensures smooth transition from concept to practical everyday use.

5 Using Hand-held Technologies

utilise_slide_4The journey, in auditing an existing facility, will begin with client reviews to understand strategy, challenges, timescales and budgets. With these goals firmly agreed we can design the data gathering and analysis required. Our technology allows immediate update of graphical representation of property and floor layouts by teams observing work as it happens.

NJW professional service teams work to a tried and tested project management delivery structure, using the best technology and ensuring client satisfaction through the visibility of online, dynamic web based analytics.





A space utilisation study measures occupancy through time providing management information for utilisation of workstations, informal and formal meeting spaces, catering and refreshment areas, breakout areas and conference facilities. NJW auditors are equipped and highly trained with the latest hand-held surveying and auditing technologies delivering instant analytics to our UTILISE365 solution.

The NJW audit process can be applied to any facility in any workplace. We regularly undertake audits in hospitals, education facilities, car parks and airports as well as the traditional office environment.

6 Infrastructure Systems

utilise_slide_5A combination of manual and technology systems are required if you want to automatically or periodically measure occupancy within your organisation, to identify under-utilised space, measure activities and unlock real-time information. Data can be gathered from a number of workplace infrastructure systems including security access databases, HR, finance, telephone monitoring, motion detectors, thermal sensors, RFID tags, desk sensors, people counters and integrated workplace management solutions.

A weather map of your data

NJW can integrate any or all of these elements together into an insightful composite set of dynamic web-based dashboards.

NJW have built genuine partnerships with the best of breed workplace technology companies and can provide a combination of periodic or permanent solutions.

It is important to note that technology provides a percentage of our UTILISE365 toolkit, but it is often ineffective without the workplace design skills described on page 9 of this brochure. Harnessing data and knowledge is only as effective as the action performed after the engagement and evaluation phases.

NJW consider all of the appropriate tools to suit your working environments and frequency of monitoring utilisation.

7 Desk Sensors Desk Sensors



The Sensor unit is a small, discrete, easy to affix stand-alone wireless device which uses a dedicated stand-alone network to gather utilisation data via a series of passive infrared signals.

The key components listed below are combined to create a wireless mesh network on the client’s site to capture, store and transmit occupancy data to the Condeco Sense servers.


Key Features

  • Fast and simple installation and low cost, designed for single, small or large scale occupancy sensor networks
  • Watchdog for automatic recovery
  • Simple to mount using high performance self-adhesive pad
  • Compact low-profile enclosure
  • Internal tamper switches for security, with real-time reporting to management dashboard
  • Low cost, yet powerful, IEEE 802.15.4 standards based wireless occupancy sensor
  • Integrated dual element Passive Infrared Detector (PIR)
  • Sense reports delivered with 64 bit unique serial number, battery level, wireless signal strength and node diagnostic data
  • Two internal LED indicators for set-up, diagnostics and network joining
  • One button for network join and validation to gateway – internal to device, hidden to avoid unintentional tampering

8 Resource Booking Systems Resource Booking Systems

utilise_slide_7Condeco Desk Booking Software is a user-friendly, web-based application that enables you to book desks, manage bookings and find colleagues.

The software helps you to understand desk usage, facilitate desk sharing schemes and develop new ways of working to accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce.


With Condeco Desk Booking Software, complemented by Condeco Desk Screens and Condeco Kiosk, you can create a more flexible, cost-effective and energy efficient workplace.

The simple, but effective software gives your staff a central, web-based application that allows them to book a desk directly from a floor plan and the Condeco Mobile app lets them manage bookings on the move. A comprehensive reporting feature helps you understand your workspace better by highlighting user behaviour and areas of low usage. This also enables you to be more agile in workspace planning by changing desks and creating project teams.

A comprehensive solution

Condeco Desk Booking can be used with Condeco Sense for deeper insight into desk usage. While Condeco Mobile app (on the go), Kiosk (on arrival) and Desk screens (at their chosen desk) can provide greater bookings control for your staff.

9 Big Data Centralisation