Professional Services

Professional Services

NJW’s Back Office team has been successfully forging long-term partnerships to give clients expert support for over 25 years.

We are always open for business 24/7, 365 days a year, as our own core software product, FOCAL365’s name suggests.

We have highly skilled, accredited workplace professionals who can provide the complete spectrum of essential workplace services detailed in the subject boxes below, to meet and exceed all our clients’ needs and more.

We are experts in Data Management accessing Data from diverse sources, bringing the information together, to give easy access at all levels, making diagnostics, and predictive analytics available on highly visible graphical screen displays.

NJW’s Back Office provide Cloud Technologies and our experts can become part of your extended project team to manage your work fluctuations.

We have the latest cutting-edge IWMS technologies and the equipment to support it.

The successful management and presentation of a building is paramount to how a business is perceived and NJW Professional Services Experts make sure that all the information is in place to make this happen.

Professional Services

1 Workplace as a Service


Workplace as a Service

WPaaS365 is a flexible solution helping you to solve your global Space Management, Moves & Changes and other operational challenges, delivering ‘in the field’ Workplace Strategy, Design, BIM and CAD/CAFM experience.

We provide skilled individuals or a complete workplace team with the industry best in class (IWMS) Integrated Workplace Management Solutions, AutoCAD and procedural expertise all hosted in the cloud.

WPaaS365 provides a shopping list of components and professional services to help accelerate, enhance and centralise current and sometimes fragmented Space Management operations into a centre of excellence.

In a nutshell, we design workspaces that make a real difference to our client’s businesses.

2 IWMS Data Entry Service


 Integrated Workplace Management Systems

An enterprise-class software platform that integrates five key components of functionality, operated from a single technology platform and database repository. IWMS systems assist organisations in optimising the use of workplace resources, including the management of a company’s real estate portfolio, infrastructure and facilities assets.

Our experienced team are currently delivering global solutions using products including TRIRIGA, FM:Systems, Planon, ARCHIBUS and Condeco.

However we don’t just have product knowledge but equally important solid business experience in Property and FM – meaning we bring insight and best practices, not just configuration skills.

We also bring our own suite of software to the table as a complete IWMS solution or to help accelerate and sort data from various sources.

To learn more about IWMS and the systems we work with please look at our IWMS page.

3 Space Planning

Our effective planning will ensure your business has space to work in years to come.

The application of effective space planning has the ability to transform a tight, busy office into a spacious workplace. We consider every element – from growth plans and the needs of your business, to legal requirements and even IT considerations.

Today more than ever, businesses need to remain flexible. We help you by incorporating your future growth and the changing needs of your business into your space plan – saving you time and money down the line.

We successfully manage client portfolios on a global scale providing a mix of on-site services and back office resource.

Our services provide significant benefits for organisations with high churn rates and multiple buildings. The information generated via our reporting tools and analytical dashboard – FOCAL365 provides real time information, which can be used to strategically plan across the whole property portfolio.

  • Data capture
  • Measured surveys
  • Asset surveys
  • Records management
  • CAFM
  • Helpdesk
  • Drawing management
  • Reporting
  • Occupancy

4 Move Management

There are two main factors that determine whether a company chooses to relocate;

Property factors:

  • Lease expired
  • Building too expensive
  • Building has inadequate infrastructure to support
  • technology or current working practices
  • Building has insufficient, or the wrong sort of space
  • Building is in need of repair

Business factors:

  • Organisational change/ business restructuring
  • Merger/acquisition
  • Expansion
  • Contraction
  • Consolidation
  • New Chief Executive
  • New business strategy
  • New working practices
  • Drive for greater efficiency
  • Financial pressure
  • Changed market place


Whether the move is for five people or 500+, strong management skills are essential. Our dedicated relocation managers oversee every stage of a project from conception to completion. They will be responsible for overseeing all members of the project team. Providing drawings, specifications, budgets, detailed costs and communication plans.

  • Contractor selection
  • Move planning
  • Online move tools
  • On-site management
  • Move communication
  • Post occupation reviews

5 Building Surveys

WPaaS_slide_5aNJW offer a comprehensive range of workplace, building and asset surveys all sharing the common goal of helping to define the current environment.

Using the latest technology and software, our experienced surveyors offer rapid and accurate solutions for capturing people, assets and facilities data.

We can produce AutoCAD sections, contours and 3D line models in addition to 2D plans and elevations. We are experts with industry standard AutoCAD / Revit technology.

Our surveys can be used for: –

  • Building extensions, refurbishment or development
  • Retail fit-outs
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Condition appraisal
  • Geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Rental / lease agreement details
  • WPaaS_slide_5bFacilities / space management
  • Measured surveys
  • Asset surveys
  • Furniture surveys
  • Storage surveys
  • Access audits
  • Utilisation audits
  • Accommodation surveys
  • Effectiveness surveys

6 Space Utilisation

Making your buildings work harder

Over the past ten years our space utilisation studies have uncovered important findings based on quantitative data that provides companies with evidence, demonstrating not only how their current space is being used—but what they might do to improve it. This data is especially relevant given the intensely competitive environment in which most businesses operate today, particularly when it comes to real estate. The research outcomes can also build a solid business case for changes and continuous improvements, leveraging data for informed decision-making and reporting on it through a centralised online dashboard.

This research can be used in the following ways:

  • Obtain a clear understanding of where space is under-utilised
  • Identify ways to improve space utilisation and increase efficiency, usually resulting in significant real estate cost savings
  • Develop strategies to improve employee satisfaction and productivity based on their needs and the way they work
  • Align spaces to meet overall organisational goals and objectives

How it works

UTILISE365 is a leading global solution that NJW developed for measuring workplace effectiveness. It is made up of a suite of utilisation tools and services to help organisations across a wide range of industries gain a detailed understanding of how effective their workplace environment is, how well it supports employees and visitors, and most importantly how efficient it could become.

This unparalleled suite of accessible, inexpensive high-performance utilisation tools, provides a range of qualitative and quantitative audit services. This informs executive boards, project managers, workplace designers, corporate real estate teams and change management consultants with timely and accurate utilisation data and benchmarking.

  • Space utilisation studies
  • Hand-held technology – collection tools
  • Desk sensors
  • Resource booking
  • Analysis and reports from RFID tags, telephone systems, access control systems

7 Design

WPaaS_slide_7aEnhancing your company, good design is the cornerstone to the success of any project.

We recognise that office design can have a major impact on the motivation, productivity and wellbeing of your staff as well as the ability to communicate your culture and brand to anyone who enters your building. A good design solution is not just a visual, we ensure that the spaces we create are also fit for purpose, practical and have longevity.

Whatever the size of project we will provide a comprehensive level of service from brief to implementation. In addition to the standard package of drawing information that supports our proposals, we also provide advice on finishes, furniture, signage, artwork, AV and bespoke joinery items.

Our design work includes:

  • Major refurbishment projects
  • New build
  • Fit-out works
  • Building extensions



8 Drawing and Records, a Dedicated Bureau

WPaaS_slide_8Our CAD bureau services are used by clients both in the UK and globally.

They can be called upon as an extension of your in-house Space Management team or as a outsourced service which can be scaled up or down as required. We will adhere to your existing CAD standards and processes or make recommendations as needed.

We offer simple, transparent pricing and support guidance to streamline your estate and building management.


We ensure your drawings conform to an agreed CAD standard, we recognise that CAD files come from a variety of sources and in differing standards, we will standardise as required, transforming your existing drawings into comprehensive, consistent and compliant drawings.


WPaaS_slide_8bOur team are highly experienced in producing CAD drawings to a variety of specifications to meet CAD compliance standards. We work with organisations on a global scale and understand they varying needs.

  • Polylining
  • CAD conversion
  • Database management
  • M&E drawings
  • 3D drawings
  • Drawing updates
  • Space planning
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Drawing health checks

9 Workplace Consultancy


We have become experts in space management and workplace consultancy over 25 years. This puts us in an excellent position to understand your business needs and tailor our Advisory services to support your international expansion, moves and changes or to streamline your processes to be more efficient.


Your Portfolio, Real Estate and Analytics
Forward planning will help you devise strategies for occupancy scenarios for expansion, consolidations and optimisation. We evaluate portfolios on a single and multiple property basis, having the capability to analyse them at all levels in a highly visual and adaptive environment.


Workplace Advisers
Our Workplace Advisers, will ensure that your Real Estate assets are optimised to give you the most efficient space and staffing strategies, giving you in return, cost effectiveness, performance and staff satisfaction. This will require high levels of collaboration and integration from all people in your company or organisation, so you can:

  • Make your facilities fit your organisation’s goals.
  • Bridge organisation objectives with the correct people, place and process.
  • Transform workplace location into an advantage
  • Improve sustainability.


Working in Partnership
Our strengths are in our friendliness, experience and passion for detailed correct visual information.


NJW’s Tools and Process



10 BIM


Lifecycle BIM is the practice of creating, maintaining and utilising building information to manage operations and maintenance of buildings throughout their operational lifecycles. Facility managers are finding value in a number of areas of building operations that benefit from enhanced data. Some areas of value are as follows:


Evolution from a BIM model design to Facilities Management intergration

BIM Design Models
Developed by the design team to illustrate design intent and create detailed documentation throughout the project.

BIM Construction Models
Highly detailed for use before and during actual construction, thus reducing uncertainty, increasing safety and eliminating any conflicts while simulating real world outcomes.

BIM Finished Build Model
This facilitates turnover from CEC to owner by using both construction and fabrication data with detailed geometry and multiple disciplines.

BIM FM Space and Content Model
It defines rooms, spaces and assets straight from the BIM As-Built model by using unique identifiers at the same time removing any unnecessary information.


How NJW & CADLINE can provide the link from BIM to Facilities Management

FOCAL365 + IWMS Cloud-based facility management systems with real-time bi-directional integration to a BIM model enables the subject matter experts, who are closest to the data and have been given an appropriate level of secure access, the ability to update information in the model quickly and easily. Most organizations depend on a number of specialists to plan, manage and operate their buildings. BIM skills in particular are often outsourced by owners and facility managers rather than staffed in- house. Cloud-based systems provide the IT environment needed to support essential collaboration.

11 3D Building Scanning


This is a stand alone perceptive application and extension for FOCAL365 and PORTFOLIO365

This application gives you a 3D interactive accurate model of your property fully rendered with photographic realism that you can walk around.


The scanner gently spins, as it captures the colours and contours of a chosen space, calculating dimensions and relationships between objects.


It captures the environment in 3D photographic realism, with stunning results that engage the viewer, helping to showcase a property with maximum impact, the scan will include  an interactive plan and 3D dolls house view, when an area is clicked into on either of these views it will take you to that area in the property and you can start to walk around.

The scan can be hosted in the cloud and be accessed remotely by any one who has been given access rights, this makes it a very powerful tool when a property needs to be viewed by staff or clients in various locations.

Extended interactive use

When incorporated into FOCAL365 or PORTFOIO365 assets can be Mata tagged within the 3D environment, all tagged assets can then be inspected and linked data and documents  can be retrieved inspected and updated, this in essence can mean less actual site visits and reduced costs.

To find out more about asset taging please click here