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NJW’s Back Office team has been successfully forging long-term partnerships to give clients expert support for over 25 years. We are always open for business 24/7, 365 days a year, as our own core software product, FOCAL365’s name suggests.

We have highly skilled, accredited workplace professionals who can provide the complete spectrum of essential workplace services detailed in the subject boxes below, to meet and exceed all our clients’ needs and more. We are experts in Data Management accessing Data from diverse sources, bringing the information together. This gives easy access at all levels, making diagnostics and and predictive analysis available on highly visible graphical screen displays.

Our Back Office provides Cloud Technologies and our experts can become part of your extended project team to manage your work fluctuations.

We have the latest cutting-edge IWMS technologies and the equipment to support it.

The successful management and presentation of a building is paramount to how a business is perceived and NJW Professional Services Experts make sure that all the information is in place to make this happen.

Ultimate professionals




What is ADVISER365

ADVISER365 is an International Professional Advisory Service with an agile technology led approach

We help you transform your business with new and innovative ideas and technologies.

NJW has forged relationships with customers and partners to deliver the ultimate independent business advisory services within the property, capital projects, facility management, asset management and energy management worlds.

With the rise of ‘big data’ through the IoT, we deliver flexible technology strategies to rapidly analyse and measure your data quality at the same time as reviewing your struggling operational processes.

Our advisers and partners are industry experts who have industry knowledge and expert capabilities to help achieve optimum performance levels with speed and dexterity.

Expert advice




3D BIM revolutionising the AEC industry

Implementing BIM as an outsourcing strategy can be a challenging and time-consuming exercise. It doesn’t have to be. With NJW, you can become BIM compliant quickly, confidently and stress free.

Using the latest 3D technology and software, our experienced BIM surveyors offer rapid and accurate BIM surveys for your buildings.

All of our services are backed up by a range of powerful FOCAL365 (IWMS) Integrated Workplace Management Solutions managed by NJW Limited that bring a wealth of management information and add significant value to your business.


BIM Design Models

Developed by the design team to illustrate design intent and create detailed documentation throughout the project.

BIM Construction Models

Highly detailed for use before and during actual construction, thus reducing uncertainty, increasing safety and eliminating any conflicts while simulating real world outcomes.

BIM Finished Build Model 

This facilitates turnover from CEC to owner by using both construction and fabrication data with detailed geometry and multiple disciplines.

BIM FM Space and Content Model

It defines rooms, spaces and assets straight from the BIM As-Built model by using unique identifiers at the same time removing any unnecessary information.


This application gives you a 3D interactive accurate model of your property fully rendered with photographic realism that you can walk around.

It can be extended to asset management and tagged to access related data.

Capture every detail



NJW offer a comprehensive range of workplace, building and asset surveys all sharing the common goal of helping to define the current environment.

Using the latest technology and software, our experienced surveyors offer rapid and accurate solutions for capturing people, assets and facilities data.

We produce AutoCAD sections, contours and 3D line models in addition to 2D plans and elevations. We are experts with industry standard AutoCAD / Revit technology.

Accurate vision 


Good design is the cornerstone to the success of any project, especially when enhancing your company.

We recognise that office design can have a major impact on the motivation, productivity and well-being of your staff as well as the ability to communicate your culture and brand to anyone who enters your building. A good design solution is not just visual – we ensure that the spaces we create are also fit for purpose, practical and have longevity.

Design promotes wellbeing


Our CAD bureau services are used by clients both in the UK and globally.

They can be called upon as an extension of your in-house Space Management team or as a outsourced service which can be scaled up or down as required. We will adhere to your existing CAD standards and processes or make recommendations as needed.

Document centralisation


Integrated Workplace Management Services

TeamNJW are experts at designing, developing and implementing IWMS.

We also provide our own suite of Top HAT, Analytic Solutions, operational procedures and accelerated data entry tools.

IWMS experts


TeamNJW provide experienced project management

TeamNJW work in partnership with Johnsons when providing a “cradle to grave” concept change management program. The journey can start with Utilisation studies and Space Planning and end with a seamless relocation of staff and assets.

Managed controlled moves


TeamNJW effective planning will ensure your business has space to work in years to come.

The application of effective space planning has the ability to transform a tight, busy office into a spacious workplace.

We consider every element – from growth plans and the needs of your business, to legal requirements and even IT considerations.


Plan ahead 


Making your buildings work harder.

Over the past ten years our space utilisation studies have uncovered important findings based on quantitative data that provides companies with evidence, demonstrating not only how their current space is being used—but what they might do to improve it.

Wasted space is wasted money