Information where and when you want it!





1 Key Differentiator in Property Sales

portfolio_slide_1Whether your client is looking to acquire an entire property or rent space for a limited period; viewing the location is crucial.

Whilst working together to define requirements, an ability to match needs to potential locations is vital. Today this must be done visually – with all required site details immediately available, and always accurate.

PORTFOLIO365, part of NJW’s proven suite of Real Estate and FM solutions, is the answer to your needs. It allows you to collaborate with clients to refine their needs and quickly identify possible matches.


2 Who Can Benefit From It?


  • Property particulars
  • Availability schedules
  • Demand schedules
  • Deals schedules
  • Supply schedules
  • Tenancy schedules
  • Take-up

Investment teams

  • Property particulars
  • Investment opportunities
  • Inspection lists
  • Property schedules
  • Business minutes
  • Introductions

Development teams

  • Development schedules
  • Development pipelines


  • Detailed supply
  • Take-up analysis


3 Visualisation

PORTFOLIO365 uses Google Maps technology to provide rapid, visual searches based on client criteria.

Once a prospective location has been selected photos, videos or animated “fly-throughs” (if they have been created) or even brochures can be viewed.

Searches by geographical location and detailed requirements criteria can be made on properties you own, manage or represent – or even those available from other organisations.


4 Information at Your Fingertips

Property details and all relevant information can be immediately accessed and if required packaged into a brochure and printed, or e-mailed directly from the system.

This information can include the history of the location and transactions at property, unit, or lease level.

PORTFOLIO365 allows clients to define their requirements by creating and storing “demand” profiles for future use. These same requirements can be applied on searches as the market changes and new properties become available.


5 Different Views, Security of Information

portfolio_slide_5Multiple secure viewing levels

Within the administration module multiple user role profiles can be maintained to segregate access to different geographies and parts of the application – you can maintain a single enterprise wide solution whilst users only have access to the information relevant to their business line.

A “client only” mode allows your agents to hide sensitive information in front of clients – crucial in protecting sensitive details from leaking out of your business.


6 Data Accuracy and Loading

A sophisticated administration interface ensures quick loading of verified and cleansed data from any of your sources.

This accuracy is maintained by managing synchronisation of data exchanges (via a wide-range of mechanisms from real-time to periodic) – so your team is always looking at up-to-date information.

Automatic auditing of all data edits provides further confidence and allows you to track all changes.


7 Insight and Analytics – Configurable For You, By You

Information properly structured and maintained is a strategic resource.

PORTFOLIO365 opens up this goldmine to facilitate sales and process improvement.

As well as a range of built-in reports an intuitive report writer capability is provided allowing tabular and brochure-style report templates to be created.

The data you want to analyse and report on is determined by you. Data definitions and rules are maintained by you – without the need for software changes. Reports can be emailed to colleagues or clients directly from the application.


8 Share Information With Your Clients and Colleagues

Email integration and the ‘Document Briefcase’

Allow system-generated reports and other files stored in the built-in document manager to be rapidly shared with your colleagues and clients.


9 Access Anywhere

portfolio_slide9_cPORTFOLIO365 is a “cloud based” solution available 24*7.

As you would expect it works on a range of devices – including mobile and tablets.

It readily integrates with your company’s IT infrastructure and existing applications. This means existing investments and information is leveraged not replaced.


10 ASSET365 ASSET365


ASSET 365 is a 3D Visualisation and Information, Stand Alone Perceptive Application and an Extension for FOCAL365 and Portfolio365


  • A 3D VR enabled scan is as good as being inside the building, wherever you are, allowing you to be in two places at once.
  • A 3D model enables you to see where everything is within the building and access information about it.
  • You can have the right person, with the right skill, in the right place, at the right time, meeting SLA’s with confidence.
  • Host multi-disciplinary meetings, pre-site virtual visits, to make physical sites visits more effective and less frequent.


  • Walkthrough the building whenever you wish without the travel to site.
  • See the building in 3D and 2D formats, seeing whatever you want at a glance.
  • Tag objects of interest and save relevant documentation such as manuals, photos, instructions and even external web links. This allows you to build up a library of information on the building over a period of time.
  • Annotate and measure using the back-office toolkit.
  • Share with your colleagues and speed up the decision-making process. Meet more frequently over a shorter period of time, using a shared model, without everyone having to travel to site.

Walk Through:

Global Portfolio

After entering ASSET365 go to the global portfolio, from here you can choose any area in the world that your property and assets are located.

Local Area Map to Site

Click on the site tabs to be taken to a visual representation of the site, from here you can click again on the building that you require information about.


The Building

A 3D VR enabled scan is as good as being inside the building, wherever you are, allowing you to be in two places at once.


Building Areas Navigation

See the building in 3D and 2D formats, seeing whatever you want at a glance. Dolls House View Turn and angle this view to, find the area you require quickly, and then zoom in and walk around. Walk through the building whenever you wish, without the travel to site.


Asset Tabs

As you walk through the virtual environment, catalogued assets will have a visual asset tab assigned, click on this for in-depth information.

Asset Documents

After clicking the asset tab, you will be presented with a screen giving you extended information, including:

  • Enhanced Asset Register
  • Asset Types
  • Asset Standards
  • Access to BIM Standards, Score Cards, History, Diagrams, Images Videos, Operating and Maintenance Manuals.


Asset In-depth Information

Asset Detail All levels of detail are available about an asset, and all accessible from one screen.


Asset Score Cards

These essential documents can be available to view and edit.

Please note: All of the example screens used in this demonstration, are extracted from various live projects, and mixed up for client confidentiality purposes.