Analytical software designed for executives and high end users.


FOCAL365 is the “TOP HAT SOLUTION” that has powerful perceptive application modules that include: COHESION365, PORTFOLIO365, UTILISE365 Incorperating KIOSK365, ASSET365 and ESOS365 that can all stand alone.

FOCAL365 provides an open technology platform to help organisations improve the visibility of their global property portfolio and facilities information through an efficient central portal. It has proved an invaluable tool to our clients who now benefit from strategic information from disparate data sources brought together, accessible and comparable in one location for the first time.

Written in Java, our product takes full advantage of the latest web-based technologies, enabling the development of a property solution which provides a range of operational and management services; from searchable libraries and content management through to strategic executive dashboards allowing facility and real estate professionals to connect with the C-suite.

FOCAL365 is a “Top Hat Solution” gathering together a company’s data from various existing sources into one place, that can then be analysed and the results displayed as easily understood, graphically displayed variations on your screen.

FOCAL365 can be used by one company with many buildings and assets, or equally by a service provider with many clients, each with multiple buildings and assets.


Look & feel + maps & dashboards




1 Real Estate Analytics Real Estate AnalyticsReal Estate Analytics

Real Estate reporting on head leases and sublets enables opportunities to be identified and options exercised.  Income and expenditure financial items may also be tracked.

Benchmarking, trends & utilisation

Rapidly review your property financial benchmarking averages against performance.


Jones Lang Lasalle

JLL is a financial and professional services firm specialising in commercial real estate services and investment management. JLL have 52,700 employees across 200 corporate offices worldwide, whose EMEA Brokerage division have selected FOCAL365 to manage several property hubs such as Central London, Retail portfolio and Bristol. JLL Brokers now visualise and collaborate 24×7 on iPads from virtual locations giving them complete freedom of movement.

2 Space Management Analytics Space Management AnalyticsSpace Management Analytics

Analytics are now critical for executives

A lack of comprehensive, reliable, accurate, up-to-date and rapidly accessible information can seriously inhibit improvement in space management. The requirement for timely, accurate Business Intelligence (BI) analytics to describe, predict and improve business is now critical for executives.

Visual analytics for everybody

FOCAL365 provides a new generation cloud analytics solution delivering transparent space management.



Barclays CRES use FOCAL365 to provide property and facilities management analytics for a global portfolio consisting of more than 5000 properties, 400 million square feet and over £1 billion rental liability.

3 Operations Analytics Operations Analytics

Harness maintenance expenses

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly analytics, FOCAL365 examines your maintenance operations performance by monitoring your Computer Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS) including third party service providers.

Compare operational costs with financial projections

FOCAL365 is a central repository for your work order maintenance performance and costs, reconciling against Service Level Agreements (SLA).



BTFS is a new player in the facilities management market. A subsidiary of the BT Group of companies, it operates an all-encompassing building support service across BT’s vast UK estate. BTFS have selected FOCAL365 (Insight) to provide the technology platform for BT’s vast estate and also to support expansion of their comprehensive range of FM services into the marketplace.

4 Employee Self-Service Employee Self-Service

focal_slide_4As easy as shopping online

FOCAL365 not only connects and visualises maintenance operations data in seconds, but it also delivers a comprehensive Employee Self-Service (ESS) work order solution. The user experience is optimised or personalised by FOCAL365 and can be configured to send work order requests to your ‘CMMS’ or 3rd party service provider solutions.


focal_slide_4aKeep tabs on work order progression

FOCAL365 monitors the work orders from concept to completion even if certain tasks are filtered through different help desks, internal resources or third party service providers. Work orders are constantly visible by individuals, type, activity, progress, locations or by multiple performance dashboards.


Sodexo Connections – Employee Self-Service

Sodexo discovered that the majority of facility management tasks relating to catering, cleaning and general operations did not require an enterprise Computer Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS). FOCAL365 now provides a simple work order ‘workflow’ tool to enhance the already successful ‘Sodexo Connections’ and it is now prominent in multiple international large accounts for Sodexo.

FOCAL365 enhances all off-the-shelf Computer Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS).

5 Project Analytics Project Analytics

Simple features

FOCAL365 provides interactive dashboards with drill down analytics representing budgets, commitments, costs, progress, resources, compliance, documents, initiatives, targets and much more. FOCAL365 specialises in centralising all of your capital project data into a set of comprehensive dashboards.

Review project summaries Interactively by type, breakdown, geography, cost, size, reason, funding, priority, duration, performance, documents and so much more…

“FOCAL365 is now being tested within information hungry market sectors such as the Ministry of Defence, Social Housing, NHS and Education, building on our successes within the corporate sectors.”

Nigel Warrick
CEO NJW Limited

6 Financial Analytics Financial Analytics

focal_slide_6Cost visibility

Improve accuracy of financial data, facilitate better project planning, automate employee life-cycle, standardise critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks and assess business needs.


WorldPay is a global payment processing company providing payment services for mail order and internet retailers, as well as point of sale transactions. FOCAL365 is being utilised to manage the WorldPay property and facilities management assets. WorldPay operates across the globe supporting 120 different currencies, processing millions of transactions everyday.


“As you can see, we’ve been building. We’ve been investing in technology and people including managing our own real estate and facilities through FOCAL365”.

Aidan Connolly
CFO WorldPay

7 Sustainability Analytics Sustainability AnalyticsSustainability Analytics

focal_slide_7FOCAL365 promotes sustainability

Link your environmental and financial data sets into FOCAL365. The powerful web browser and fully featured Java engine will manage your critical sustainability information including energy performance, cost analysis, project performance, certification and compliance.

Heat Maps

Analyse your building environment impacts for energy, water, greenhouse gases, emissions, recycling, waste, occupancy and any other configurable metrics.

Energy Meter direct connection

Connect your energy meters, stakeholders or diverse databases directly into FOCAL365 providing full visibility of your sustainability performance. Automatically compare your sustainability data with other building performance, hierarchy, projects, operations, benchmarks, trends or locational metrics.



ASSET 365 is a 3D Visualisation and Information, Stand Alone Perceptive Application and an Extension for FOCAL365


  • A 3D VR enabled scan is as good as being inside the building, wherever you are, allowing you to be in two places at once.
  • A 3D model enables you to see where everything is within the building and access information about it.
  • You can have the right person, with the right skill, in the right place, at the right time, meeting SLA’s with confidence.
  • Host multi-disciplinary meetings, pre-site virtual visits, to make physical sites visits more effective and less frequent.


  • Walkthrough the building whenever you wish without the travel to site.
  • See the building in 3D and 2D formats, seeing whatever you want at a glance.
  • Tag objects of interest and save relevant documentation such as manuals, photos, instructions and even external web links. This allows you to build up a library of information on the building over a period of time.
  • Annotate and measure using the back-office toolkit.
  • Share with your colleagues and speed up the decision-making process. Meet more frequently over a shorter period of time, using a shared model, without everyone having to travel to site.

Walk Through:

Global Portfolio

After entering ASSET365 go to the global portfolio, from here you can choose any area in the world that your property and assets are located.

Local Area Map to Site

Click on the site tabs to be taken to a visual representation of the site, from here you can click again on the building that you require information about.


The Building

A 3D VR enabled scan is as good as being inside the building, wherever you are, allowing you to be in two places at once.


Building Areas Navigation

See the building in 3D and 2D formats, seeing whatever you want at a glance. Dolls House View Turn and angle this view to, find the area you require quickly, and then zoom in and walk around. Walk through the building whenever you wish, without the travel to site.


Asset Tabs

As you walk through the virtual environment, catalogued assets will have a visual asset tab assigned, click on this for in-depth information.

Asset Documents

After clicking the asset tab, you will be presented with a screen giving you extended information, including:

  • Enhanced Asset Register
  • Asset Types
  • Asset Standards
  • Access to BIM Standards, Score Cards, History, Diagrams, Images Videos, Operating and Maintenance Manuals.


Asset In-depth Information

Asset Detail All levels of detail are available about an asset, and all accessible from one screen.


Asset Score Cards

These essential documents can be available to view and edit.

Please note: All of the example screens used in this demonstration, are extracted from various live projects, and mixed up for client confidentiality purposes.



Lifecycle BIM is the practice of creating, maintaining and utilising building information to manage operations and maintenance of buildings throughout their operational lifecycles. Facility managers are finding value in a number of areas of building operations that benefit from enhanced data. Some areas of value are as follows:


Evolution from a BIM model design to Facilities Management intergration

BIM Design Models
Developed by the design team to illustrate design intent and create detailed documentation throughout the project.

BIM Construction Models
Highly detailed for use before and during actual construction, thus reducing uncertainty, increasing safety and eliminating any conflicts while simulating real world outcomes.

BIM Finished Build Model
This facilitates turnover from CEC to owner by using both construction and fabrication data with detailed geometry and multiple disciplines.

BIM FM Space and Content Model
It defines rooms, spaces and assets straight from the BIM As-Built model by using unique identifiers at the same time removing any unnecessary information.


How NJW & CADLINE can provide the link from BIM to Facilities Management

FOCAL365 + IWMS Cloud-based facility management systems with real-time bi-directional integration to a BIM model enables the subject matter experts, who are closest to the data and have been given an appropriate level of secure access, the ability to update information in the model quickly and easily. Most organizations depend on a number of specialists to plan, manage and operate their buildings. BIM skills in particular are often outsourced by owners and facility managers rather than staffed in- house. Cloud-based systems provide the IT environment needed to support essential collaboration.