Analytical software designed for executives and high end users.

FOCAL365 is the “TOP HAT SOLUTION” that has powerful perceptive application modules.

FOCAL365 provides an open technology platform to help organisations improve the visibility of their global property portfolio and facilities information through an efficient central portal. It has proved an invaluable tool to our clients who now benefit from strategic information from disparate data sources brought together, accessible and comparable in one location for the first time.

Written in Java, our product takes full advantage of the latest web-based technologies, enabling the development of a property solution which provides a range of operational and management services; from searchable libraries and content management through to strategic executive dashboards allowing facility and real estate professionals to connect with the C-suite.

FOCAL365 gathers together a company’s data from various existing sources into one place, that can then be analysed and the results displayed on your screen as easily understood, graphically displayed variations.

FOCAL365 can be used both by individual companies with many buildings and assets, or equally by service providers with many clients, each with multiple buildings and assets.

FOCAL365 Modules


Reporting on head leases and sublets enables opportunities to be identified and options exercised.

FOCAL365 provides geographical GIS drill downs to reveal lease summary, breakdown, types, tenure, area, outlook, opportunities, financials and multiple, searchable interactive information dashboards.

Property overview



Harness maintenance expenses, with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly analytics.

FOCAL365 integrates your maintenance operations, service level performance and costs by monitoring your (CMMS) Computer Maintenance Management Solutions – including third party service providers.

Work intelligence 



A self branded, centralised portal for accepting work order requests with the ability to trigger 3rd party applications such as IBM Maximo, whilst measuring SLA’s, KPI’s.

It also has its own comprehensive workflow builder to run work orders as a standalone application.

Work portal 



Space Command Centre to centralise occupancy data, floor plans and manage move requests. Analyse portfolio change scenarios and opportunities for future moves and changes. Links to your IWMS solutions.

Space and people




Cost visibility across your whole estate, including the total running costs over a variety of characteristics. Specify by cost line, division, business unit, building type, building use, building assets, building tenure or occupancy.

Cost control


Interactive dashboards with drill down analytics representing budgets, commitments, costs, progress, resources, compliance, documents, initiatives, targets and much more…

The detail you need



All your documents available at the click of a button.

Document centralisation



3D Visualisation and Information access for all assets, allowing you to walk around your property from your desktop and handheld devices.

A complete view



Today’s data predicting tomorrow’s decisions.

Look to the future



View every aspect of your properties and overlay industry standard demographics such as Met Office statistics, flood plain GIS, Ordnance Survey land parcels and so much more…

Location control



Manage your critical sustainability information including energy performance, cost analysis, project performance, certification and compliance.

Be green and save