ADVISER365 is an International Professional Advisory Service with an Agile technology led approach.

We help you transform your business with new and innovative ideas and technologies.

NJW has forged relationships with customers and partners to deliver the ultimate independent business Advisory Services within the Property, Capital Projects, Facility Management, Asset Management and Energy Management worlds.

With the rise of ‘Big Data’ through the IoT, we deliver flexible Technology Strategies to rapidly analyse and measure your data quality at the same time as reviewing your struggling operational processes.

Our Advisers and Partners are industry experts who have industry knowledge and expert capabilities to help achieve optimum performance levels with speed and dexterity.








Case Study Examples:


1 International Project Management Consultancy

NJW are working closely with Turner & Townsend providing the ultimate technology and data tools in cohesion with their Advisory experts.

Turner & Townsend are uniquely placed to support many market sectors including local authorities.

The ability to use global best practice from across property, infrastructure and natural resources sectors, provide a proven track record of delivering tangible outcomes to Local Authority clients by working with them and the wider public and private sectors.

The Partnership between NJW and Turner & Townsend delivers high performance business advice and accelerated technology and data cohesion.


2 Services Industry

NJW have been partnering with Sodexo since 2010 delivering Advisory and Workplace services.

Sodexo develops, manages and delivers a diverse range of services designed to improve the quality of life for their clients and customers.

On-site Services – range of services from construction management, reception and food services through to asset maintenance, security and grounds maintenance for our clients in offices, schools, prisons, hospitals, military bases, remote sites and hospitality events.

Since 2009 Sodexo have added to their already huge contract base with some fantastic world-wide IFM contracts. These are industry leading – demanding truly global and consistent operating models.

To meet these challenges Sodexo needed, amongst other things, a common IT platform for their integrated service delivery. Their global clients should see a consistent view, albeit in local language, in every country covered. Sodexo already had excellent operational systems – but no integration layer, no common “face” of IT. They needed a system that could:

  • Be rapidly deployed and work in multiple languages, currencies and units of measure
  • Provide dashboards and KPIs to honestly show performance against contractual and non-contractual SLAs
  • Deliver a self-service Helpdesk so that client employees could raise and track requests
  • Provide a global view of service delivery – to drive continuous performance improvement
  • Aggregate, cleanse and normalise data from a variety of sources and underlying systems
  • Be cost efective

Aware of NJW’s “Top Hat” capability Sodexo engaged NJW and now white label ‘Sodexo Connections’ as their client facing integration, communication layer.

3 Leading Pharmaceutical Company

A leading Pharmaceutical company  with Worldwide Real Estate and Facilities appointed NJW to provide an independent review of their end-to-end management of Space Planning, Master Planning, Architectural Design Development, Moves and Changes and Change Management.

As part of the process NJW interviewed 55 stakeholders who provided information on their roles and responsibilities across the world, what part of the portfolio they help to manage, what systems and processes they currently use and what works and what doesn’t work in their day-to-day activities with their day jobs.

Based on the feedback and in conjunction with a number of key stakeholders a RAG status of the current quality of service was produced which showed significant opportunities for improvement.


Executive Summary

Current State Analysis

  • “The what and the how” of in-scope work
  • Revised organisation, processes and cost model
  • Information on volume, quality and standards produced
  • What works; what doesn’t
  • The leading pharmaceutical requirements
  • Confirmation of needs from selected senior stakeholders – global staff and key clients; Service Providers

Future Vision

  • How work should be organized to reflect the leading pharmaceutical requirements and industry best practice
  • Categories as per Current State Analysis

Road map to achieve

  • Plan to implement the new processes
  • Includes Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

Request for Proposal (*)

  • RFP comprising key functional and service delivery specifications; scenarios for assessing vendors and scorecards to evaluate responses.
  • Template Plan


4 Prestigious Engineering and Motor Company

A Prestigious Engineering and Motor Company needed to determine what property information is required to support faster and better property decisions and understand what data is required from its teams in support of this.

The Objective was to understand what the overall property information requirements are then what data is required to support this and where this data is currently mastered and maintained.

A further objective is to review ‘off the shelf’ Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) to identify the fit to the property information requirements and any implications on data and processes.

A professional review of the existing property information and data requirements to:

  • Provide a requirements document for the property information required from an IWMS.
  • Provide a requirements document for the data required from each of the Group Property teams and interfacing areas.
  • Review the top external IWMS systems and score against meeting the Group Property requirements.
  • Provide a detailed implementation plan showing responsibilities, timescale and budget costs.

NJW completed the assignment and carried on to provide FOCAL365 as a Top HAT Solution as an integration layer for existing data sources, thus accelerating data cleaning, visibility and providing comprehensive business analytics.

5 Major Transport Company

Transport for London (TfL) is a local government body responsible for most aspects of the transport system in Greater London, England.

TfL’S role is to implement transport strategy and to manage transport services across London.

Group Facilities Building Portfolio Information:

  • Portfolio Square Footage circa 2 Million
  • Number of Head Office Buildings 50
  • Approximately 300 CAD Drawings
  • Approximately 300 CAD M&E
  • Approximately 2000 Historic M&E and Record Drawings
  • Approximately 1000 Building Services
  • Approximately 10,000 Workstations
  • Number of Operational Railways 435
  • Number of Overland Operational Railways 35

NJW’s 5 year remit is for the supply and management of the following CAFM CAD drawing and data management services as one seamless contract:-

Group Property & Facilities Computer Aided Facilities Management Operators and Space Planning Services Contract.

To provide Space Planners and CAFM CAD Operators to support Group Property & Facilities portfolio of Head Office, Operational Railway, Overland Railway and Commercially Let buildings.

Commercial, Projects and Accommodation CAFM systems are also used to ensure accurate and timely customer billing, maintenance and control of accommodation space information, ensuring that associated records are regularly updated. Ensure the provision of Commercial, Projects and Accommodation design and drawing office space planning services and accommodation information through the development and management of a CAD/CADFM system and a team of CAFM operators and space planners complies with with statutory and ordnance survey regulations, industry CAD data structure, CPIC Uniclass, BS1192 (Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information. Code of Practice), Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 (Information drawing and data register), HSG264, HSG227 and RICS Code of Measuring Practice and The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.

CAFM Operators and Space Planning will also need the skill set to be able to produce and manage Group Property & Facilities space planning, mechanical and electrical drawing and data, drawing office issue and version control, interior design projects and specifications and be able to survey buildings and produce CAD drawings to scale. Survey and produce CAD drawings for building energy certification.



6 University

The University of Exeter is a Russell Group university and in the top 1% of institutions globally.

It combines world-class research with very high levels of student satisfaction. Exeter has over 18,000 students and is ranked 8th in The Sunday Times Good University Guide, 10th in The Complete University Guide 2014 and 12th in the Guardian University Guide 2014.

In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 90% of the University’s research was rated as being at internationally recognised levels and 16 of its 31 subjects are ranked in the top 10, with 27 subjects ranked in the top 20.

In 2014, NJW won FUNDING to a shared grant between the University, Government & NJW to develop a Predictive analytics solution within FOCAL365.
Predictive Analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.

Exeter University provided dedicated resources for the 3 year programme of works involving many project and joint design meetings with a high degree of maths science. The solution module – named MY-FM is now fully in production and used by companies such as Sodexo and has been a great success.


7 Banking

Barclays had a huge challenge managing a dynamic global portfolio.

The key to doing this effectively is timely, relevant and accurate information.

The Corporate Real Estate Services (CRES) team needed a strategic system that provided the management level information they needed. This needed to be complementary to, but without duplication of the operational systems used by their property consulting service providers. One of the absolute requirements was data integration – so that information is entered once and used many times. The solution must leverage on existing investments rather than duplicate them.

Moreover they need an answer quickly – so they turned to NJW.

NJW, in FOCAL365, has an analytics tool that provided much – but not all that Barclays needed. The CRES team were convinced that the basic functionality was there – but needed some specific dashboards and integration with internal and service provider systems.

To ensure that time was not lost or any misunderstandings created NJW and Barclays formed a joint team. Using rapid design and development techniques the team, working primarily on site at Barclays, enhanced the base FOCAL365 product. Working collaboratively ensured ideas could be tested for viability quickly and prototype screen designs rapidly modified. There were many long days (and nights) but the first production version went live within the three months promised.

Subsequently the solution has been further tailored and enhanced, and is now a strategic tool for the CRES team.

8 Real Estate and Investment Company

 JLL needed a system for managing opportunities in properties for investors, developers, owners and occupiers.

There was no shortage of systems within the organisation – but none that aggregated the information the commercial teams needed in an easy, quick and visually intuitive manner.

Having seen some of NJW’s solutions JLL set a challenge. Create a new application, with the visual flair of FOCAL365, but aimed at the brokerage and investment market.

NJW set-up a team dedicated to meeting JLL’s opportunity.

Using “Agile” development techniques, a separate application based on FOCAL365 was created. This was delivered in stages – so that early returns were possible and maximum benefit could be achieved. This approach has enabled deployment of new functionality and to new teams / markets in a flexible manner – reacting to events as needed.

Now a very mature platform, the system has capability for:

  • Matching client requirements with appropriate locations – across a very varied set of parameters
  • Working directly with clients on map and visual driven views
  • User driven reporting and analysis – useful for all teams, but vital for research specialists
  • Interfacing data from a wide range of sources – from simple Excel to real-time APIs

9 Communications

 BTFS are the corporate services and facilities management arm of BT and provide services to BT’s global estate.

As a technology business they have high expectations of systems and information. They have a large appetite for data, because they are skilled in using this to drive performance improvement.

BTFS came to NJW because as well as needing a client facing analytics and integration portal – they needed a tool to drive “efficiency and effectiveness”.

They needed to be able to analyse and understand their service delivery model – then use that same information to drive change.

BTFS needed an analytics and integration engine that was part of a whole application architecture. However, to ensure that FOCAL365 provided the most value the joint project wasn’t just a system deployment. The team designed a new application architecture that included all the components of  “end to end” delivery – including components such as mobile (field force automation). This future vision was complemented by a road map of enhancements that match the BTFS business model and priorities.


10 Science

Les O’Gorman is Director of Facilities Management in the UK for UCB. UCB is a global biopharma company focused on severe diseases with operations in 40 countries and global revenue of € 3.4 billion in 2013.

NJW were commissioned to deliver a Business Information project for UCB using the FOCAL365 solution.

The project covers a total deployment. The priority for the first phase was a global help desk.

Dimension (FOCAL365) has been mobilised with a property portfolio and help desk as phase #1. Following this, other areas covered in the preceding project, have been deployed.

The full list of functionality is listed below:

  • Real Estate / Property
  • Operations / Help desk
  • Document Management
  • Admin & Security
  • FM / Operations Analytics
  • Workplace / Occupancy
  • Energy and Waste Management reporting
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Asset Management
  • Advanced Metrics
  • Interface Management – built in tool (ETL capability)
  • Functionality outside of this initial scope can be enabled as and when UCB require it

FOCAL365 has been delivered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This has many advantages for UCB:

  • Speed & ease of deployment, configuration and change
  • Lower overall cost of ownership – as no requirement of infrastructure, software licenses and trained IT support staff
  • Flexibility of access for UCB and service provider staff – with no compromise of the service provided

11 International Education

The British Council commissioned NJW to design define and deliver an International property and facilities Business Information solution and maintenance operations – call centre.

The Building Services team manages the international property and facilities management for British Council. The Building Services team remains under pressure to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs while they deliver high quality services.

To meet business, financial and customer requirements, the Building Services team needed to manage maintenance services with an approach that improves the efficiency of asset management, improve processes, automate demand and planned (or preventative) maintenance services.

There are 70 British Council Teaching Centres in 53 countries. The British Council claims to be “the world’s largest English-language teaching organisation”.

NJW having worked with British Council over the years providing workplace services were invited to assess the Building Services maintenance challenges and provide a cost effective solution to automate the British Council property and facility management work orders.

FOCAL365 now connects and analyses maintenance operations data in seconds and provides a comprehensive Employee Self-Service (ESS) work order solution. FOCAL365 has been wrapped around the Building Services working patterns and provides 24 /7 online access to international clients.

Keep tabs on work order progression

FOCAL365 monitors the work orders from concept to completion even if certain tasks are filtered through different help desks, internal resources or third party service providers. Work orders are constantly visible by individuals, type, activity, progress, locations or by multiple performance dashboards.

Many NJW clients such as Sodexo or BTFS have come realise that “you do not need a sledge hammer to crack a nut”.

12 Defence

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) plays a vital role in supporting our armed forces by building, maintaining and servicing the infrastructure needed to support defence.

  • NJW IBM TRIRIGA experts have been working within the IBM and the DIO IMS Service delivery team designing the ultimate End-to-End process Lifecycle technology solution
  • The challenge of converting DIO data sets and building DIO business procedures into IBM TRIRIGA whilst replacing underlying legacy databases has been immense when you consider the size of the portfolio
  • All software releases have been carefully planned, co-ordinated, implemented, tested and cut ‘live’ to match DIO requirements with teams working on individual IBM TRIRIGA modules yet working to a central IBM Governance infrastructure