FOCAL365 is designed to analyse enterprise data – fueled by the growth of big data tools and the proliferation of diverse data sources and outsourced service providers.

Rather than building big and complex data warehouses and crunching numbers after the fact, FOCAL365 provides a lightweight and agile approach to analysis – connecting with source data using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and scalable cloud infrastructure to analyse data rapidly, often in real time.

Designed by workplace industry experts, FOCAL365 is fully loaded with dashboards, metrics, benchmarks, heat maps and reports for: 

  • Real Estate
  • Project Management
  • Facilites & Occupancy Management
  • Asset & Maintenance Opertions
  • Environment Management
  • and much more

ESOS365 has been designed by Energy experts specifically for the Property and Facilities Management industries centralising your existing ‘IWMS’ Integrated Workplace Management Solutions into a ‘SaaS’ Top HAT solution.

The Energy Savings Opportunity scheme (ESOS) is expected to affect more than 7,500 large organisations. Compliance with ESOS will be directed at companies which employ greater than 250 people or have an annual turnover greater than £42m, and an annual balance sheet exceeding £36m.

ESOS365 Analytics exceed the mandatory compliance providing:

  • Energy Summaries
  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy Trend Analysis
  • Dynamic Breakdown Analytics
  • Outliers Location Maps
  • Energy Performance Analytics
  • Building Energy Metrics
  • Meter Screens & Analytics
  • Dynamic Heat Maps
  • And much more

UTILISE365 helps organisations evaluate their current occupancy, it provides business intelligence dashboards, analytics and metrics which promote cost saving opportunities and help to evolve future workplace strategies.

With an unparalleled suite of accessible, inexpensive high performance utilisation tools, we can provide a range of qualitative and quantitative audit services. This informs executive boards, project managers, workplace designers, corporate real estate teams and change management consultants with timely an accurate utilisation data and benchmarking…

Why measure space utilisation?

  • To gain powerful data on how the workplace is used
  • Cost saving – consolidation of space
  • Identify opportunities for increased headcount
  • Introduction of flexible working
  • Facilitate merger with other businesses or offices
  • Introduction of alternative work settings
  • Flexibility for future growth without real estate issues
  • Identify ongoing cost saving initiatives
  • Establish new ways of working

PORTFOLIO365 Analytics provides insightful commercial real estate research, data, and analytics to help real estate investors, property managers and service providers make the best possible capital allocation decisions.

Identify and assess your property locations, building intelligence details, leases, land parcels, market details, ordnance survey overlays, leases and much more.

PORTFOLIO365 will centrally organise and manage all your lease data to identify opportunities to reduce occupancy costs, relocate, downsize or expand, and renew or restructure leases to boost your revenues and save money.

Online analyical processing (OLAP)

  • Allow users to quickly execute complex queries and extract analyses from large, multidimensional data sets
  • Advanced data visualisation
  • Permits a more compelling display of data using interactive pictures and charts instead of static rows and columns
  • Predictive modelling and data mining
  • Analysis of historical and current data using a variety of techniques to generate a model that can predict the future outcomes.
  • Prescriptive modeling, simulation and optimisation
  • Not only predicts future outcomes, but also recommends actions to manage them…

Best practice Real Estate, asset & facility management

An Integrated Top HAT IT programme should support organisations in developing and executing their real estate services, associated asset management, facilities management and risk management strategies, in the context of their core business realities, drivers, strategies, brand values and culture.

Real estate and facilities management requires clearly defined objectives; a strategy to achieve those objectives; and the ability to measure performance and the delivery of value to the business, via a fully integrated management information ‘MIS’ system and technology platform.

The ‘MIS’ Management information system comprises of 5 key functionality related components:

  • Real Estate & transaction management
  • Project Management
  • Asset management & maintenance operations
  • Facilities management
  • Environmental management

ADVISER365 independent experts assist you in developing your strategy, leveraging your data from multiple sources, selecting the ultimate MIS + IWMS systems and delivering cloud analytics from Big Data..


Integrated Workplace Management Systems

An enterprise-class software platform that integrates five key components of functionality, operated from a single technology platform and database repository. IWMS systems assist organisations in optimising the use of workplace resources, including the management of a company’s real estate portfolio, infrastructure and facilities assets.

5 key components of IWMS:

  • Real Estate
  • Project Management
  • Facilites Management
  • Environment
  • Maintenance Operations

Top 10 benefits of IWMS:

  • Enable informed business decisions
  • Manage the real estate portfolio of assets
  • Reduce facility maintenance costs
  • Reduce energy/waste costs to meet sustainability targets
  • Generate higher returns from capital projects
  • Lower facilities operating and occupancy costs
  • Improve facility utilisation
  • Manage resource booking globally
  • Effectively manage third party providers and monitor SLA’s
  • Reduce the number of IT applications and centralise information

Our experienced team are currently delivering global solutions using products including TRIRIGA, FM:Systems, Planon, ARCHIBUS and Condeco. However we don’t just have product knowledge but equally important solid business experience in Property and FM – meaning we bring insight and best practices, not just configuration skills.


Workplace as a service toolkit

A complete workforce solution

As an industry-leading workplace provider; we establish dedicated service teams to work in partnership with our clients either commissioned as a project or as a part of an on-site or off-site delivery team. Our experienced consultants are competent in all versions of AutoCAD, CAFM and Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS) as well as many design and visualisation packages.

Our flexible approach allows us to help you meet your ever changing resource needs. We guarantee to achieve challenging service level agreements, provide staff continuity and bring specialist knowledge just when you need it.

All of our services are backed up by a range of powerful technologies that bring a wealth of management information and significant value to our client’s business.

The services we offer are flexible and scalable. So whether it is to support office moves and changes or install a fully integrated workplace management sytem, NJW will build a specific solution for you.

We know what’s around the corner for the workplace and use this expertise to create flexible and effective environments for present and future workers. By creating spaces that encourage collaboration, inspire creativity and allow for concentration it enables different generations and mind-sets to work together happily and productively.

In a nustshell, we design workspaces that make a real difference to our client’s business.