Software Support

Software Support

NJW have a comprehensive service management framework for providing support to our clients on both our own and third party products. This can include full hosting (Software as a Service – SaaS), enhancement and upgrade services.

Software Support

1 System Integration

“No man is an island” and no successful business application operates without data from our multiple sources.

In too many cases this data interfacing is done manually and with poor alignment. This leads to huge frustration from senior management who, quite reasonably, cannot understand why systems produce conflicting results.

At NJW we judge the success of a systems deployment on how well the new application is integrated within the overall eco-system. This means:

  • No duplicated entry of data
  • Consistent values and interpretation
  • Clarity of where the “master data” is
  • Interfaces that run at the frequency and with the volume that the business needs

To achieve these we have a range of technologies (see below) but most importantly we have experience in data models that match business needs.

Our comprehensive tool-kit includes an option to match every scenario, these include:

  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) module for designing and managing in operation interfaces
  • Web Services (SOAP 1.2 and REST) with customisable APIs
  • Simple Excel uploads and Web-forms for data entry and extracts

A critical success factor that we always ensure is in place, is the auditing of all data exchanges. NJW always enable clear reporting of data interfaces – so that all updates are tracked. The “rules” for handling data can be configured by the client – so how any issues (missing or incorrect data) are handled are customisable.

Integration can be a lengthy project unless proven tools and experienced teams are involved. NJW’s extensive track record means that we have a set of proven models for all the leading property, FM and other business applications.

2 Hosting

All the solutions that NJW provide, whether they are our own products or those from third-parties can be delivered as a SaaS solution. This is our preferred model as it delivers the highest service, at the lowest cost for our clients.

The service we provide includes:

  • Rapid deployment – we are able to mobilise and upgrade systems quickly as the process is simpler
  • High security – all data centres we use have ISO27001 certification
  • Scalability – we can enable extra (or reduce) environments or capacity as needed, including for temporary periods
  • Upgrades and patching – we can ensure the application, and all associated operating system software, is at the optimal version
  • Lower cost – leveraging our investments and support resources we are able to pass on the savings reducing our clients Total Cost of Operation (TCO)

For more information on our SaaS offering please contact

3 Aftercare

NJW have a comprehensive service management framework for providing support to our clients on both our own and third party products. This can include full hosting (Software as a Service – SaaS), enhancement and upgrade services.

Application deployment is the start not the end of the journey in realising the value of a systems investment. We understand that and so have a range of options available to ensure the maximum value is derived from an installation.


Our Helpdesk manages all incidents, requests, changes and enquiries through telephone and online tools to deliver a high quality of user satisfaction and system availability. Our model is based on the internationally recognised ITIL standard.


Using web-based applications we can provide secure, reliable and responsive system availability through our proven data centre services.

Remote Monitoring

Our technology team can help clients with their environments by validating installations, checking performance and helping with upgrades.


Small changes, ad hoc training and bespoke reports all provide added value service to help clients address opportunities quickly.

Service Catalogue

Full details of maintenance and enhancement arrangements are available through our client extranet or you can contact us for further information at

4 Implementation

Accelerated delivery approach

In 60 working days there will be a Proof of Concept (PoC) version of IWMS or cloud analytics – populated with Client data and hosted by NJW. This will be used during the Conference Room Model (CRM) to validate the configuration (and change it as needed), verify the quality of data loaded and confirm the design for the production deployment.

Our approach to projects is to keep the methodology simple (but robust) and focus on client engagement (so we ensure business objectives are met) and rapid completion of deliverables. The project consists of multiple structured phases: