The Hub






What is the Hub?

The Hub is a community of top Workplace Professionals who have become independent experts in space management and workplace consultancy over 25 years. This puts us in an excellent position to understand your business needs and tailor our HUB services to support your international expansion, moves and changes or to streamline your workplace processes to be more efficient.

Who is the team behind it?

The Hub is based on a strategic partnership between NJW, Henigan & Johnsons.

  • Strategic planning – Henigan
  • Technology & Utilisation – NJW
  • Operations and change management – Johnson’s













Steve Henigan Founder

With over 15 years experience in the consultancy and workplace sectors, Steve has led consulting teams in some of the world’s biggest practices. Delivering results on a global scale, for organisations across all sectors including Discovery Channel, Morgan Stanley and the John Lewis Partnership. He is the current chair of the Corenet UK Workplace community and a regular industry speaker.

Steve created the practice to react to both the changing needs of our clients and the evolving dynamic of work. Henigan Consulting Group is underpinned by trust, flexible working and the freedom to achieve life and career goals. We practice what we preach, that happy, engaged people are more productive, efficient and creative. As a result, we attract, unlock and deliver the industry’s best talent and a market-leading service. Having fun along the way is a must-have.

When not deep in thought in the world of workplace or business change Steve focuses on his own life goals of being a great Dad, Husband and aspiring channel swimmer.



Independent, fast-moving and flexible

Henigan Consulting Group helps you solve problems with solutions focused on process improvement, organisational change and your workplace.

Independent advice

Flexible team based on your needs

Client focused approach

Free of the constraints of big corporate structure, our attention goes where it’s needed – understanding your challenges and giving you unique options and answers.

This allows us, without bias, to give truly objective and independent advice. Where you may require specialist skills beyond ours, you also benefit from our partners – leading organisations in strategy, human performance, real estate and technology. Our priority is getting you the right expertise you need for your business.

Strategy and Operations

Successful organisations align high performance leadership and culture with operational excellence to deliver a transformational vision and demonstrate sustainable performance metrics. Our team are committed to identifying and addressing the major challenges in your business, helping you to find inspiring and practical solutions.

By combining tools such as Lean, Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard’s with in-depth market knowledge, analytics and business acumen, we develop robust, evidence-based strategies to ensure your objectives are achieved and ROI’s realised.

Our process and toolkit can be used to support;

  • Business case and strategy development
  • Business process improvement and health check
  • Balanced scorecard and KPI development
  • Rapid improvement projects
  • Root cause analysis
  • Change management

Organisation Performance and Change

The pace of business continues to accelerate, so it is essential that you plan, manage and deliver organisational change with minimal disruption and ensure it is quickly embedded into business as usual. Our team provides you with a robust and structured change management process and toolkit to ensure success.

Projects with a structured change management approach are six times more likely to deliver their objectives.

Based on the internationally recognised PROSCI model we can provide a consistent approach to analysing and understanding the scale and complexity of your change and then deliver a framework to implement supporting activities at an organisation and individual level. Working with leadership, project teams and change champions we support you in the preparation, implementation and post change phases to ensure success.



Our process and toolkit can support;

  • Full change management programmes
  • Change readiness assessments
  • Workplace change
  • Integration of new teams and functions
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring
  • Communication planning and management
  • Training and development


The way we work continues to evolve, so you must manage your real estate portfolios and workplaces to be flexible, cost effective and support the needs of your employees and customers who use them. Our workplace team provides you with independent advice and solutions to plan, change and management your portfolio and workplaces.

Workplace Strategy  

You need to understand the amount and type of space you require and how it can be most effectively used.

Using an evidence based approach we capture how a business currently is and wants to work in the future to create an environment and experience that supports both business objectives and culture.

Tools including leadership visioning, interviews, staff engagement surveys and utilisation studies allow us to see both the perception and reality and ensure that we build a strategy which is underpinned by solid data. Being independent means our recommendations will not always require design intervention.

Our recommendations can be used as part of;

  • Stay/ go analysis
  • Planned capital projects
  • Re-stacking due to headcount fluctuations or lease events
  • Introducing new ways of working
  • Strategic portfolio review
  • Post occupancy evaluation

Workplace Change Management

The introduction of new or different ways of working requires a change in behaviour as well as furniture.

As an independent consultant we provide a robust and structured change management process and toolkit that compliments the roles of your existing project team.

Based on the internationally recognised PROSCI model we provide a consistent approach to analysing and understanding the scale and complexity of your change and then deliver a framework to implement supporting activities at an organisation and individual level. Working your leadership, project management team and change champions we support you through the design, construction and post move phases to ensure success.

Our process and toolkit can support;

  • Relocation projects
  • Consolidation or integration of new teams
  • Introduction of new ways of working
  • Introduction of new technology or business processes to the workplace
  • Workplace pilot projects 

Occupancy Planning and Optimisation

Managing your portfolio is an ongoing challenge and one that requires a range of skills to ensure records are maintained and space is efficiently optimised.

Recognising the complex nature of these tasks we provide a flexible solution that meets the needs of each individual organisation. Whether as an embedded resource, called off from a monthly retainer or as a standalone activity, we can provide you with the resources and technology to implement, optimise and manage your integrated workplace management systems and space data.

By partnering with NJW Limited we provide an integrated technology solution using their FOCAL365 top hat solution to manage your portfolio and ongoing workplace projects.

Our solution can support;

  • IWMS implementation and review
  • Strategic dashboarding and reporting
  • Drawing and record management
  • Data management
  • Blocking plans and test fits,
  • Occupancy measurements, forecasting and reporting
  • Move planning and implementation
  • Restack analysis

Due Diligence and Independent Review

Understanding the performance of a target, competitor or project provides you with a competitive edge. Our team undertakes an in-depth yet focused review process to identify opportunities for value creation, risk reduction and ultimately support or constructively challenge an important business decision.

Whether working alone or as part of an integrated team we combine deep industry knowledge and experience with strategic and operational understanding to produce evidence based recommendations.

We provide support for;

  • M&A consultancy and assignments
  • Internal reviews and audits
  • Independent project or programme review
  • Competitor or market sector analysis

Research and Benchmarking

Good decisions are informed decisions and every project or implementation provides an opportunity to learn and inform the next. Our team focuses on identifying and addressing the issues that influence decision making by establishing the facts and insights.

As an evidence based consultancy we utilise our research and benchmarking tools and techniques to identify, validate and analyse data from different sources to support our project based recommendations. Using these skills, we can produce stand alone research papers or support existing or wider research initiatives that allow for confident decision making.

We can deliver;

  • Project or organisation benchmarking
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Bespoke research projects and papers