Scanetic Secure 3D Asset Surveys For L&G

Published / 23/10/2017

Scanetic Secure 3D Asset Surveys For L&G (Legal & General) Investment Management

NJW CEO, Nigel Warrick secured a deal in the summer for business partner Scanetic to provide 3D Scanning services for Legal & General.

2 Buildings have currently been 3D Scanned, One Coleman Square in Birmingham and 15 Bonhill Street in London.

3D Scanning of internal spaces provides a fully immersive walkthrough experience that enables you to feel that you are actually in the captured space. The 3D Model is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed via a URL link or embedded into a website, making it accessible from anywhere.

Scanetic not only capture each floor plan in high 3D detail but then design a CGI model of each floor with different, optional furniture, kitchen or meeting room layout scenarios.

L&G agents can showcase each building and detailed floorplan from a PC or hand held device as it is currently or pop up optional fit out designs in CGI. The 3D Model is also available 24 x 7.