GRAD_INTROIntroduction to our Graduate Programme

Since Nigel Warrick (CEO) founded NJW in 1993, its people have helped re-define the meaning of business information solutions and the way that data information is managed.

The company has continually broken new ground in advising our clients on how to optimise their real estate, capital projects, energy consumption, facility management, maintenance operations, asset management, space, occupancy, people and employee self services.

“At NJW, we have evolved from providing a full range of workplace services to being commissioned as strategic consultants identifying significant opportunities to make value-adding changes to the way that people work.

Our staff have evolved through the ‘university of client engagement’. Working one day on the global roll out of an Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) to the next working on the design, rules and standards for a room booking system.

But this is only part of the NJW success story. We are a values-driven business and we attract professionals from a number of disciplines including; workplace consultants, designers, facilities management professionals, project managers, property and financial data analysts and software engineers to name but a few. Many have chosen to make a long-term career at NJW and so we have one of the best on-the-job learning environments with experienced and well-rounded professionals.

I hope you find the following pages interesting and that you too will consider a career in property, facilities management or analytics with NJW.”

Nigel Warrick





GRAD_DARINGNJW – Daring to be Different

Our journey in delivering property and workplace solutions to a diverse client base has honed our knowledge and shaped our professional delivery into four distinctive yet re-iterative work streams:

Management Information SolutionsA strategic service delivering business intelligence analytics on our own fully loaded Focal365 solution to drive more value from available internal and external data sources. Enhance your legacy databases, replace inefficient systems, improve operational procedure and gain strategic insight into your portfolio performance and costs.

IWMS An experienced and qualified team delivering multiple Integrated Workplace Management Systems such as the Gartner highly rated IBM TRIRIGA. Working to tried and tested implementation procedures, we can deliver a total solution, individual modules or modernise an existing IWMS.

Workplace as a Service (WPaaS)As an leading workplace provider; we establish dedicated service teams to work in partnership with our clients 365 days a year. Our experienced consultants are competent in all versions of AutoCAD, CAFM and Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS).

Our flexible approach allows us to help you meet your ever-changing resource needs. We guarantee to achieve challenging service level agreements, provide staff continuity and bring specialist knowledge just when you need it. Our services are both flexible and scalable. So whether it is to support office moves and changes or install a fully integrated workplace management system, NJW will build a specific solution for you.

Adviser365 – We provide independent experts to assist clients in developing their strategy, leveraging data from multiple sources, selecting the ultimate MIS and IWMS systems and delivering cloud analytics from big data.

Our data scientists provide the data layer and loaded MIS Analytics using a proven data connection toolkit to pull information from organisations legacy databases including ‘IWMS’ Integrated Workplace Management Solutions.






leanne_wilsonGraduate – Leanne Wilson

1. When did you graduate?

I graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2011 where I studied Computing.

2. What appealed to you about NJW?

As a graduate, the interview process for the software industry is an extremely daunting and sometimes terrifying experience. However, at NJW I felt instantly at home, they were not solely interested in what I knew but also me as a person. I never felt judged and when we identified any gaps in my knowledge NJW supported me with additional training and a mentor I could go to when I needed support.

NJW understood the responsibility and investment involved in hiring a graduate and ensured that both the resources and support were always available in order to settle into company life as quickly as possible.

3. What projects have you been involved in?

I have been involved in the majority of development projects undertaken by NJW over the last few years. These projects include developing online systems for:

  • Sodexo
  • British Airways
  • CBRE
  • Barclays
  • JLL

4. What has been the highlight of your time at NJW?

The highlight of my time at NJW is first and foremost the people I work with.

Everyone is quick to share their knowledge and provide support whenever needed and despite popular belief us developers even share the odd joke every now and again.  Everyone is encouraged to share their opinions and idea’s in order to improve the knowledge of the team and asking questions is regarded as a quality rather than a burden.

5. How have you progressed since joining NJW?

Working at NJW has given me a great deal of self confidence in my ability to convey my ideas and thoughts not only with other developers but also with our clients. At NJW, a developer is involved in all aspects of the software development life cycle, which has provided me with the experience required to produce large customer facing designs, as well as planning our software architecture.

As we deal with a vast amount of different technologies at NJW I find that my development knowledge has grown exponentially, allowing me to undertake very large development tasks with confidence.

rossana_woodhouseGraduate – Rosanna Woodhouse

1. When did you graduate?

I graduated from Newbury College in June 2014 after completing a HNC/HND in Computer Science.

2. What appealed to you about NJW?

Software development is a very competitive industry to enter, especially for a young person without any previous experience in the industry. However, I met Nigel, NJW’s CEO at a college open day and felt instantly inspired to find out more.

He was welcoming and very enthusiastic about the project work I was exhibiting and also NJW. It was then that I realised working for a growing company would be a fantastic opportunity. It meant I could grow with the company and there was plenty of opportunity to improve my existing skills as well as learn new ones.

3. What projects have you been involved in?

  • NJW company website
  • Focal365 – Software Testing for BTFS and Sodexo
  • Portfolio365 – Software Testing for JLL
  • American Red Cross – Software Testing
  • Support – for a variety of our clients, British Airways, BTFS and Sodexo to name a few
  • Internal software support

4. What has been the highlight of your time at NJW?

There have been many highlights since joining the company in 2014, however one of the main highlights for me is working with such wonderful people. Everyone at NJW is welcoming, friendly and within a month of joining I felt like part of the family. No matter which department you work in, everyone looks out for each other and always offers a helping hand when you need it. Another highlight for me is the amount of varied opportunities I have had. I joined as a Web and Support Technician, although I am now helping to manage NJW’s website as well as supporting our growing list of clients. NJW have given me the opportunity to learn Java and other platforms which has enabled me to progress into a software development role.

5. How have you progressed since joining NJW?

Since joining NJW I have progressed from being a young adult daunted by the idea of working in the big wide world with so much competition, to a professional, confident young person who has the ability to communicate with clients and express my opinions and new ideas with fellow colleagues. I have also expanded my knowledge by learning software testing skills, client support skills and further software development.

jack_liddiardGraduate – Jack Liddiard

1. When did you graduate?

A-levels – July 2013

2. What appealed to you about NJW?

I was excited by the opportunity of a job that could lead into a career in software development without needing to go to university first. Whilst that is what initially interested me enough to attend a interview, what sold it to me (at this time the UCAS application was already submitted) was the small company nature but with big ideas. The employees are so enthusiastic and always willing to offer support when needed. I like the fact that I am always presented with a new task or challenge, for example at the moment I work as a system administrator and a software developer which allows me to play with some cool toys and learn about them at the same time.

3. What projects have you been involved in?

  • Barclays – Support and development of new features
  • British Council – Support and new features
  • Bristol Royal Infirmary – Support
  • BTFS – Support, new features, server administration and single sign on
  • JLL – Server administration, support, new features and single sign on
  • Pfizer – Server administration

4. What has been the highlight of your time at NJW?

The varied opportunities NJW has offered me. The whole development team being like a family. Being able to say I set up the servers which run Focal365 for clients around the world . Learning how single sign on works. Learning Java and being able to play with some cool toys (Jenkins build farm, VMware, Ubuntu).

5. How have you progressed since joining NJW?

Massively, both non technical and technical. Learning Java, which over the last two years has become engrained within me. Learning how to administer a *nix and windows based environment proficiently and learning how to mange clients and colleagues expectations and time well.

Working within our community

At NJW Limited we feel we have a responsibility to support our local communities and charitable organisations. We engage in various charitable activities throughout the year as a group and on an individual basis.

We recognise that our business has a social, economic and environmental impact. Our corporate responsibility policy is designed to ensure that our business operates with due consideration and has respect for key stakeholders in the wider community. We also believe we can do all of this by having some fun!

Our work is focused in four areas:

Community Support

The company actively encourages volunteering for good causes and participates in regular sporting activities and community projects including helping vulnerable and homeless people around the area.


In addition to providing high standards of health and safety there are a number of schemes in place to support graduates throughout their careers including flexible benefits, and a fund-matching scheme for funds raised as a result of a charity run or cake bake. In fact, we have a healthy calendar of events that includes charity quiz nights, celebration days, football tournaments and even fancy dress!


We have introduced a programme to monitor and control our carbon footprint, and we aim to lessen our impact in every part of our business. Initiatives include; recycling of waste, energy reduction, and promoting the use of online tools and processes thus reducing paper.


We recognise that community volunteering is not always the answer, so for some not-for-profit organisations NJW donates the time of some of its property professionals and business analysts to enable charities to progress its more challenging tasks which they could not complete without buying in their services.



NJW Limited recruits annually for computer science, software engineering and business graduates as well as students seeking work experience during a gap year. We typically recruit 4-5 graduates and under graduates to our programme each year.

Our commitment to all our graduates is to ensure that they receive the necessary training and support to achieve their goal of becoming professionally qualified and gaining experience in a fast-paced, growing organisation. In return we expect our people to contribute to NJW Limited through commitment and hard work.

At NJW, graduates can look forward to gaining hands on experience from the outset, working on a wide range of projects across the business.

Our graduate package includes:

  • A competitive salary
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Company benefits
  • Full payment of professional memberships
  • Three days of paid study leave
  • A structured training programme
  • Career Counsellor and Supervisor


job_appHow to Apply

We want graduates who have a real interest in property, facilities management and software development. We don’t just look for one type of person, we look for a mixture of people with different skills but the key ones include:

  • A strong technical background: we are interested in graduates who have obtained or are predicted a 2.1 or above in computer science, software engineering or a business related degree
  • The ability to work independently and within a team
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

To apply for a graduate position click here to email your CV and covering letter.