NJW Welcome Alex Morris

Published / 05/01/2018

NJW Welcome a New  Team Member
Alex Morris

Alex graduated from Southampton University before pursuing a career in logistics with a large third party logistics provider. Alex was raising through the ranks in the organisation, but maintained his interest in programming and the practical deployment of software solutions.

Using VBA and SQL, Alex developed and deployed warehouse management and gatehouse systems for the supply chain of numerous large organisations, including members of the “Big 4” supermarkets and well known high street brands.

In 2017, Alex decided to make his hobby and passion his career and has been given the chance to do so by NJW. He joins us as a relative blank sheet, but comes with useful transferrable skills and is keen to start his training on Tririga and learn the ropes of formal software development.

Outside of work Alex is a true family man, spending every minute he can with his wife and two sons, including a 6 month old baby. His wife and eldest son speak Russian and Alex has picked up some very basic Russian from them.