Did you know?

NJW  was originally set up 25 years ago at a former Royal Air Force Station at Membury, previously used by the United States Army Airforces (USAAF).

Nigel Warrick was working with a company in Newbury called IBS Ltd, running their drawing office and documenting their building and cabling infrastructure implementations. It was not long before companies, such as Honeywell, started commissioning Nigel and his small team to provide a similar service for their extensive works.

Nigel took the initiative to leave IBS Ltd who were based in Newbury and start up as NJW Limited. The cheapest accommodation was with a friend who had an established company out at the old World War 2, Membury Airfield.

The World War 2 Nissen huts provided an interesting base and clients found it hilarious to ring up and hear the sheep baying in adjacent fields in the Spring time.