Did you know?

Roy Bleek’s and Nigel Warrick met in a pub as Roy was looking to escaped the City and find a new job.

Roy has a god given talent to design and develop software solutions. By the end of the meeting FOCAL365 was sketched and designed on a beer mat and was the turning point for NJW becoming a Software company as well as professional services.

Within a week, Nigel had sold the concept to Astra Zeneca knowing that such clients had software solutions but no centralised Portal for their data management. Nigel’s service skills enabled AZ to gather all of their data and the first FOCAL365 solution was delivered by Roy.


NJW continued to service Astra Zeneca for over 10 years until their Property and Facility Management was outsourced to Sodexo who now also use FOCAL365, white labled as Sodexo Connections.

pa_1tfmAstra Zeneca – PFM Magazine exert:

The AZ in-house team were supported by a service consultant and a survey team from NJW Ltd (TriRiga UK Partner). In the beginning AstraZeneca did not have AutoCAD drawings for all the facilities and had no process for identification of space class and space types. It did not know what it had, where it was, what they were using it for and who was using it. The planned process including the collection and preparation of more than 300 AutoCAD drawings, identification of space class and types, mapping of organisational hierarchy to six levels, identification and location of over 6,000 personnel, tracking and inventory of 20,000 assets plus development of the centralised database processes and systems, was scheduled to take place over 12 months. However, a global project review of AstraZeneca’s facilities resulted in the whole collection process and delivery of the inventory database within just five weeks.

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