Did you know? 1.5 years ago

Turner and Townsend supported by NJW for space utilisation studies, and SVM for specialist M&E advice, were engaged to carry out a space utilisation report and to explore options to develop and evaluate opportunities to create value and enhance the efficiency of the DFID facility in Glasgow through embracing the Government initiative “The Way We Work (TW3) – Smart Working. The study and report were concluded and it was determined that there was enough flexibility and underutilised space in the facility to accommodate the anticipated uplift in headcount.


Alongside the determination of the space requirements, the team also assessed the resilience and the upgrade requirements for the M&E in the building to accommodate the revised numbers. It was noted that there would need to be new air handling and cooling kit installed and there was a question mark around the capacity of the incoming power supply to the building that needed to be explored further – the report made “worst case” allowances here however, in line with the scope of the original appointment.

The resultant overall report recommended four options, each with varying degrees of headcount increase, M&E and partitioning requirements and concomitant cost profiles. This concluded the first, high level stage of work to determine the most efficient solution for DFID and the resulting Accommodation Review report set the scene for our approach to the next stages of the exercise as requested by DFID.