NJW Launch Press Team

Published / 24/04/2018

NJW Launch Press Team

Marketing for NJW has always been a labour of love and managed with in-house resources.

As the company grows, we have unanimously agreed to manage our website, news, events, blogs internally by establishing the new NJW Press Team.

Several NJW unwitting individuals have been roped into the new team to provide a healthy spread of NJW news and communications through the NJW website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Our ethos is not to be animated by cartoons or informatics from professional marketeers but describe our products, services and press releases with honesty, integrity, pride and passion.

Such energy and drive can only come from NJW workers at the coal face, embracing youth to communicate through the social media jungle some of the more light hearted days and events planned in the NJW calendar.

Stay tuned!