NJW launch new services for 2016

Published / 11/01/2016

About NJW.

NJW is an independent technology company working in the Corporate Real Estate (CRE), workplace and FM markets. It provides these through a combination of routes – adaptable to client needs:

FOCAL365 – NJW’s own cloud analytics and integration platform. Provides a capstone solution centralising the various property and facility management databases. Also used at a data acceleration, cleansing and connection tool for Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS).

ADVISER365 – an independent advisory service covering all areas of CRE, workplace and FM – including IT strategy.

WPaaS365 – Workplace as a Service – this includes on and off-site provision of CAD/CAFM/IWMS and workplace services. It also includes the provision of third-party applications such as Condeco, FM:Systems, IBM Maximo, IBM TRIRIGA, Planon and others as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

IWMS365 – Independent Integrated Workplace Management Solutions professional services expertise including design, implementation, training and help desk support.

If your corporation needs advice or further information on our products the NJW advisers would be happy to help you.

Please contact our advisers via the Solutions contact form.