NJW global systems integrator for Fidelity

Published / 08/06/2016

NJW are the global systems integrator for Fidelity Investments – the financial services organisation.

The Integrated Workplace Management Solution programme began in 2012 with a deployment of IBM TRIRIGA Property and Space modules – including rollout across all regions globally.

Fidelity have a very high degree of “digitization” so IBM TRIRIGA had to be integrated with a large number of other applications and infrastructure. The objective is to “enter data once but use it many times” – so any new applications needed to meet this “seamless operations” challenge. The Property and Space Modules have been successfully in operation since 2013. The Space and change management components are highly detailed with all floor plans poly-lined giving automatic charge back reports and departmental space allocations.

NJW support Fidelity through an (ESA) Enhanced Support Agreement which enables Fidelity to self manage their IWMS Solution but call off any specialty IWMS or Workplace services from NJW as required. ESA gives the flexibility to have small changes, reports and ad-hoc training delivered at very short notice. This has been used to help during significant growth with move projects, space planning, staff holidays and CAD work.

Using this mechanism, IBM TRIRIGA has been integrated into HR and Finance systems (for cost codes) and is being integrated into room booking, WYSE terminals and other systems.
All requirements have been delivered on-time and on-budget.IWMS TRIRIGA

NJW’s IWMS365 team are currently deploying RESERVE, the IBM TRIRIGA Room and Desk Booking functionality, in a global phased delivery (Proof of Concept, UK roll-out, Global roll-out). We have worked closely with FIL to ensure the solutions we are proposing are innovative and provide added value. In this case we are providing and integrating multiple systems including touch screens and mobile access for room and desk booking. Fidelity were adamant to stick with IBM TRIRIGA as their golden source of IWMS information in preference to introducing more ‘Point’ solutions into their IT infrastructure.

NJW’s IWMS365 professional services to Fidelity include:

  • Installation and integration of IBM TRIRIGA for the global portfolio
  • Phased deployment of IBM TRIRIGA modules to agreed evolution plan
  • Integration of HR and Finance Systems
  • IBM TRIRIGA periodic upgrades and platform changes
  • Implementation of IBM TRIRIGA room and desk booking as a pilot roll out
  • Introduction of smart phones, touch screens and WI-FI triangulation
  • Full back office and help desk support for Fidelity User assistance

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