NJW data accelerator for IBM TRIRIGA

Published / 13/07/2015

Over the years that NJW have been working with IBM TRIRIGA, we have found that the ‘Out of the Box’ tools provided to load data, while effective and functional, are somewhat limited. We have used our expertise to develop processes and build functionality to extend the existing mechanisms by implementing extensive validation rules, improved feedback and better handling of large data sets. In addition to the enhanced features, we vastly improved the speed at which data can be loaded.

Our cloud-based ‘off the shelf’ solution allows you to easily upload from Microsoft Excel by using preconfigured tables and analytics. These collect and measure the quality of your property and facilities management data sets from disparate systems. This solution gives you:

  • Immediate visibility of your property assets
  • Measures the accuracy of your data against property and FM industry standards.

In some cases speed was improved by over 7 times compared to ‘Out of the Box’ tools and 75 times faster than similar tools built using standard methods (see chart below).

More recently we have started to develop integrations using similar techniques to the data accelerator. Using these tools provide fast reliable integrations with detailed feedback for both accepted and rejected records.

Data Acceleration for IBM TRIRIGA is provided as an online service hosted in the cloud supported by NJW Property and FM Analysts.

Improved speed using data acceleration