The theme of the event was, “Putting the lid on IoT” exploring Perceptive Applications

The event was held at the prestigious Turner & Townsend London offices

There were industry leading guest speakers, sharing their knowledge and passion for their specialist chosen subjects.

Welcome and Agenda Review

Kevin succcesfully managed the NJW Client day proceedings ensuring that speakers and attendees were carefully orchestrated around the dynamic scheduling. The event was well attended and feedback forms have been very positive towards making this an annual occurence.

A warm thank you to Bill McElroy, Turner & Townsens, Managing Director, advisory, One New Change, London, EC4M 9AF for providing the superb facilities, especially the Town Hall which overlooks St Pauls cathedral.

Kevin Fitzpatrick – COO – NJW Limited




“So WHAT”?

Big data and Analytics are now a given. But what do we do with them?
Examining the benefits and efficiency of Strategic Planning and Real Advisory intelligence.
A view on projects in hand and a vision for the future.

Marc Roberts provided a visual and comprehensive view of the Global forces affecting Strategic Planning and Real Estate Advisory decisions. These different manifestations of disruption present challenges but also opportunities if carefully harnessed.

Geopolitical instability, economic uncertainty and technological disruption are the key macro trends disrupting the market and our profession. It is important to consider how our current capabilities address these client external issues.

Marc asked the question – ‘are you ready’ and listed the top 10 questions requiring constant answering by the Global Head of Property. Subsequently how EY assist the CFO in transforming such knowledge or data centralisation into instant action and client performance improvement.

Marc announced that EY and NJW are now working together to develop a TOP HAT Solution providing the data layer, pre-loaded with Business Intelligence, dashboards and reports for your Portfolio, Property, Asset and Facility Management Analytics, providing insights, improving decision making and optimizing business processes. This new relationship provides instant technology and data centralisation with the advisory acumen of EY advisory expertise.

Marc Roberts – EY Executive Director – Real Estate Advisory Lead




cd_Dom-Bramley_2The IoT bag of tricks from IBM

Dom Bradley provided an overview of the IBM IOT products in synergy with the way technology is advancing for the each of us even from within our own homes.

The internet of things has changed the game like no other with open access IOT networks in centralised and distibuted cloud. Instant information from facebook, twitter and the weather company are now feeding corporate solutions.

IBM solutions solutions can help manage critical property and services to deliver significant benefits. The IBM IoT Cloud platform provides connection tools to embrace this technological revolution.

Dom Bramley – IBM Internet of Things




cd_Jamie-Davis_2Kiosk, Desk Booking & Utilisation Analytics

Jamie Davis provided a unique overview of a ‘live’ project being implemented in partnership with NJW at Fidelity International. Jamie was able to demonstrate how real time property utilisation management and analysis was being perfected using a cost efficient approach without the requirement for desk sensors.

A unique combination of a Kiosk style perceptive application linking to an ‘out of the box’ room booking IBM TRIRIGA solution and automated links to WYSE terminals and HR provide the ultimate real time property utilisation solution. Effectively, this robust Top HAT Solution works with Fidelity current technology solutions is scalable as a global tool with minimum disruption and cost.

Jamies expertise, vision and forsight to use IT acumen is a fantastic example of harnessing the IoT worthy of a technology award.

Jamie Davis – Senior Change Manager at Fidelity




cd_Christine-Peppiatt_2Transport for London – Managing the workplace across a diverse property portfolio.

Christine Peppiatt provided a full overview of how TFL manage their workplace, space management, occupancy data, drawings and a vision of the future Space.

Christine’s ability to articulate the change management process and analytics using semi automated tools was exemplary and sparked the most active of conversations with delegates from Unilever, Credit Suisse and GSK.

Christine shared the challenges of managing such a diverse TFL portfolio with the application and limitations of technology solutions.

Christine Peppiatt – Lead Projects Accommodation and Strategy Manager at Transport for London




cd_Jon-White_2Capital Projects – what is happening out there?

Peter Cummings was a last minute stand in for Jon White of Turner & Townsend but provided a very dynamic, interactive overview of the market conditions for Turner & Townsend projects and advisory services.

An overview of the operating conditions for the London market was comforting as Peter articulated how change is always happening and if it was not Brexit, it would be something else that has a bearing on trading conditions. Peter showed the analytics which signified that although slightly sedatory, the market was in fact in a comfortable business as usual state.

Peter certainly provided us with the statistics to enable us all to sleep at night.

Jon White – UK Head of Business Generation; Global Head of Retail at Turner & Townsend




cd_Neil-Edmond_2BTFS – Our integrated FM Services provide workplace support for 80,000 customers at some 8,000 UK sites.

BT is a big bold brand with high expectations. Our job is to help exceed those expectations by providing an efficient, comfortable working environment.
Our services have real impact on our customers’ business as well as employee moral, which makes getting it right very important.

Neil Edmond – BTFS Director of Operations





Putting a lid on it  – FOCAL365 & Perceptive Applications

A ‘live’ demonstration of the power of Perceptive Applications linking everything together into one Business Intelligent tool.
Including using 3D Scanning and relational databases to leverage enhanced FOCAL365 Asset Management intelligence with BIM links.

Nigel Warrick – CEO NJW- Limited and Adrian Edmunds – CEO of Scanetic






Questions and Answers

At the end of the event all the speakers were available to take questions, which came thick and fast and were answered with the enthusiasm which was expressed throughout the day.


The Cadline and Cognito iQ, Side Surgeries were well attended  and a lot of networking was done and information gleaned. 


Judging on the immediate feedback,  the event was a great success, enjoyed by the speakers, NJW clients, associates and staff.

NJW would like to thank everyone who participated and a big thank you to Turner & Townsend for being our hosts.





i_madison_upDrinks and Nibbles at MADISON, were thoroughly enjoyed and the networking continued…

Sponsored by CADLINE



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