NJW are working closely with SODEXO

Published / 16/11/2016

NJW are working closely with their largest Strategic global partner Sodexo who have successfully white labled FOCAL365 as Sodexo Connections.

Sodexo Connections is the client interface for an increasing portfolio of Sodexo global clients who are benefitting from Sodexo’s Quality of Life services.

NJW maintain a very special relationship with Sodexo that has evolved over the years working closely together in a mutually beneficial partnership.

New development works are being implemented for several new Sodexo clients such as Pay PAL and Johnson & Johnson as they adopt Sodexo Connections.

The new FOCAL365 works include enhanced dashboards for IBM Maximo, accelerated data extraction and ETL

ETL is short for extract, transform, load, three database functions that are combined into one tool to pull data out of one database and place it into another database. Extract is the process of reading data from a legacy database either provided by Sodexo or their client. FOCAL365 uses its own ETL tool for such operations.