NJW Welcome John Sellen

Published / 19/03/2018

NJW Welcome New Junior Software Developer John Sellen

TEAMNJW continues to increase its staff resources to meet a growing demand for NJW software solutions and professional services across the world.

John began his software development journey by attending an Open University and obtained a IT Degree whilst making ends meet with a part time job. John finalised his degree in September 2017 and was then looking for a role to showcase his current skills and widen his experience. He graduated with a 2:1 in BSc Hons in Computing and IT.

NJW are more than willing to invite Software Development candidates such as John into a TEAMNJW’s innovative, full time working environment to progress his career.

John will start his new journey by working in the Quality Assurance, Testing team to learn NJW products so he will be immediately working on ‘Live’ projects. John can then systematically develop his skills into becoming a Senior Developer.

John likes gaming, wandering around aimlessly in nature (ideally mountains) and playing with small fluffy animals.