Implementing IWMS

Published / 11/01/2016

Have you thought about implementing a new Integrated Workplace Management System?

As an independent software solutions provider here at NJW, we listen to your requirements and then provide you with multiple solutions with their pros and cons.

Here are a few points to help along the way:

  • To have a quality Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is a significant investment of time and money for a corporation so there needs to be clear measurable enhancements, deliverables that are key to the business needs currently and in the future.
  • The planning of the implementation is KEY. You need to know before you start what the overall business needs are from the system, the demands of each department, existing operational procedures and who will be using the system. The next key stages are having the appropriate data, configuration and training.
  • NJW provide data acceleration tools to investigate the all important property and facility management data sets from legacy systems. These need to be closely aligned with the ultimate operational views, reports, KPI’s, SLA’s, management dashboards and analytics.
  • The corporation needs to ascertain its own time and resource in fulfilling the business requirements to implement an IWMS and work in partnership with professional IWMS implementation experts.
  • Here at NJW we work to an accelerated delivery approach, so in weeks there will be a Proof of Concept (PoC) version of IWMS, populated with client data and hosted by NJW. This will be used during the Conference Room Model (CRM) to validate the configuration (and change it as needed), verify the quality of the data loaded and to confirm the design for the production deployment.
  • Our approach to projects is to keep the methodology simple (but robust) and focus on client engagement (so we ensure business objectives are met) and rapid completion of deliverables.
  • We also advocate that you “start small but think big” so your IWMS solution is rolled out in tried and tested order, module by module and evolves with your internal resource availability.


Contact our IWMS experts on 01635 282090 or please contact our advisers via the Solutions contact form.