IBM TRIRIGA The Platform II Course

Published / 09/01/2016

Growing training provider network…


We are expanding our training provider network, by bringing together NJW’s decades worth of industry and product knowledge with our partners’ facilities, technologies and resources we are able to deliver a first class training experience. Committed to the new partnership from the outset, NJW are already delivering the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform II course in one of our partners flagship London training locations.


The Platform II course is the most technical course in the IBM TRIRIGA syllabus, teaching attendees how to configure, customise and administrate the IBM TRIRIGA Application; covering both the practical skills and theory required to successfully implement existing modules combined with customisations and additional functionality. As always, this course is being deliver by one of NJW’s lead IWMS consultants James Gould, transferring knowledge gained over years of experience as an IBM TRIRIGA Application Developer, providing in-depth knowledge of each module in the course and a plethora of additional tried and tested processes, tips and best practice procedures that are usually only briefly touched upon during the course.


IBM TRIRIGA The Platform II course