Harnessing the (IoT)

Published / 11/01/2016

Harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT)

NJW Limited are pleased to announce the publishing of their new www.njwlimited.com website focused on independent strategic IT advice and cloud analytical solutions to Harness the multiple ‘point’ solutions inherent in the property and facility management industry.
Property and Facility Management software solutions come in all shapes, sizes and combinations, now being affectionately labelled as the Internet of Things. This effectively relegates the evolution of Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS) to a ‘point’ solution within the Enterprise arena of IoT.
NJW’s speciality is understanding the various corporate and operational business processes pertaining to the modules and various software technologies that make up Property and Facility management:

  • Cloud Analytics – KPI’s, SLA’s, performance, finance, trends, benchmarks & predictive analytics
  • Real Estate Management
  • Portfolio, Space Management, Utilisation, moves and changes
  • Facility and Operations Management
  • Capital Project Management
  • Energy Management

If your corporation needs advice or further information on IoT, IWMS and how to be compliant the NJW advisers would be happy to help you.

Please contact our advisers via the Solutions contact form.