GenerateUK interview Nigel…

Published / 17/09/2015

GenerateUK interview Nigel Warrick CEO of NJW Limited

The changing face of marketing

Nigel Warrick, CEO of NJW Limited met with Emma Lewis, Marketing Manager of an award-winning digital marketing agency, Generate UK.

Their interview was surrounding the changing faces of marketing and how Nigel’s marketing techniques has had to evolve over the 20 year history of NJW.

The connection with Generate UK recently came to light while Nigel was redeveloping the NJW Limited website, Generate UK understood his requirements, they were able to offer expert advise and knowledge when required, and understood the multiple arms of NJW.

Read the full interview with GenerateUK here ‘The changing face of marketing‘.
Please click the following link to read the Galvanize magazine published by GenerateUK.