First Ark Commission NJW Limited to Showcase 3D Scanning

Published / 23/11/2017

First Ark commission NJW Limited

NJW have won a pilot project to showcase the power of FOCAL365 & 3D Scanning to the First Ark Executive Board.

First Ark work collaboratively with the public, private and public sectors creating value and life changing opportunities through their unique social business model.

NJW with their partner Scanetic have been commissioned to 3D Scan several social housing properties in their current state of refurbishment.
Initially these properties will have an interactive 3D Walkthrough, CGI futuristic visuals and Asset viewing capabilities thus providing ‘As Is’ next to future refurbishment.

First Ark manage deliver facilities management and property refurbishment projects to multiple homes across the North West.

First Ark group are:

Vivark: delivering facilities management and property refurbishment solutions across the North West.
Oriel Living: offering homes for sale, shared ownership and extra care facilities.
First Ark Social Investment: supporting sustainable business growth through Social Investment Funds.
Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT): providing affordable homes to rent and sheltered accommodation across Knowsley, Merseyside.
One Ark: creating partnerships to generate investment that is used to build resilient communities and create life changing opportunities for people.

The future plan is to use FOCAL365 as the Top HAT Solution for the Firstark group centralising and enhancing all of their disparate solutions.