Deliveroo Select NJW Professional Service Team

Published / 17/01/2018

Deliveroo Select NJW Professional Service Team to Conduct a Utilisation Audit at Riverside Building

Deliveroo has more than 1,000 full time staff and works with 20,000 restaurants in 130 cities around the world.

Deliveroo are experiencing rapid growth and have to constantly investigate how Space is being utilised in their prestigious 55,000 square foot Headquarters Office on Cannon Street in the City of London. The Riverside building is currently home to 600 Deliveroo employees but has potential space to accommodate 300 additional engineers.

To be useful and meaningful, NJW Professional Services team collect occupancy information based on objective evidence of usage profiles throughout a typical working day. A two-week professional utilisation audit to capture the data will be converted into meaningful analytics and converted to fact based recommendations.

NJW provide the following outputs from the audit:

A ‘proof of concept’ floor plan illustrating working environment improvements and optimised utilisation of space.

A Utilisation Study report containing: 

  • Key Findings e.g. desk and meeting room utilisation and observed activity by floor, by time of day, and by department.
  • Workers daily behaviour
  • Detailed breakdown and analysis of the above metrics in graphical format.
  • Conclusions, highlighting under and over utilised space and recommendations highlighting where improvements can be made supported by the ‘Proof of concept’ floor plan.