BRG Acquisition

Published / 16/06/2016

BRG Acquisition

Another independent IWMS company is acquired.

Over the last few months we have seen Acruent, CFI, BRG and many other SME’s acquired by FM Service providers, Investors and Real Estate corporates.

The realisation that technology is essential and a differentiator when bidding or delivering to new or existing clients has been realised across the property & facility management supplier industries.

It will be interesting to measure how such large Suppliers decide internally which core solutions and new people are the most efficient as the strategy appears to be investment led, sucking all manner of IWMS solutions into an arsenal of ‘point’ solutions with multiple technology application extensions.

Often, such acquisitions tear the heart out of the SME’s original values and core strengths as they can be deposited into IT spaghetti, have to conform to existing philosophy and contemplate political mayhem.