Analytics – Key to delivery of strategy

Published / 05/06/2015

A recent survey of business operation functions has shown that the main shortcomings in achieving corporate objectives are with access to quality data, business-enabled IT, and aligning talent with a business decision. Data quality-related problems cost businesses millions each year because of lost revenue opportunities, failure to meet regulatory compliance or failure to address customer issues in a timely manner. Poor data quality is often cited as a reason for failure of crucial information projects.

Quality data, and making it accessible to the right people are crucial to decision-making and planning. One solution is to build an information portal that is integrated, and provides a single source of quality data that can be used to make important business decisions. Since the data is usually sourced from a number of disparate systems, it is important to ensure that the data is standardised and cleansed before being loaded into the portal.

KPMG’s recent research surveyed corporate Global Business Service functions and found that the three greatest challenges to achieving desired business outcomes and objectives were:

Developing and Resourcing an Effective, Long Term Analytics Road Map:
Accessing meaningful data to support decision-making will provide a crucial value differentiator for businesses, with three-quarters of enterprises viewing investments in analytics as important for optimising process and improving profits. However, more than half of those surveyed feel they are making sufficient investments in analytics today, but 39 percent reported that they do not have the right skills internally to maximise their analytics opportunities.

NJW are well positioned to offer all round services to encompass every area of managing your data and defining, designing and implementing a quick single sign on portal to maximise your analytics. Success with our Focal365 software can be measured by process improvements, cost control and the capability of system owners and contributors to produce quality operational data upon which to support management decisions.

Business Enablement of IT
KPMG’s survey found that mature and effective business operation functions own multifunctional processes, as well as the underlying technology. That means they can manage cohesive, end-to-end processes that connect disparate systems, owners and activities. They can also organise skill sets in appropriate groups to drive efficiency and additional controls. Furthermore, they can have multiple services within a diverse commercial enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment, while taking advantage of platforms offered by software-as-a-service providers.

Organisations that struggle typically have multiple ERPs, manual interfaces and poor integration of functional systems, which creates costly integration issues and real challenges with creating standard processes.

NJW’s Focal365 software allows you to manage related end-to-end processes that connect various systems, activities and owners. The software allows you to organise data, into logical groups and views based on user and functional requirements. In addition, NJW offers clients a cost-effective, secure, fully hosted and maintained off-site solution ensuring 24/7 availability of real-time data.

Talent Management
The right talent can be hard to find and by being an ’employer of choice’ this strengthens your ability to attract the best talent for the job. Attracting and retaining the right talent are two key elements of a successful operations function. Bringing in the right talent will help foster innovation and also give the organisation its leaders of the future.

 Unfortunately, KPMG’s survey shows that companies are often more adept at simply playing musical chairs rather than in developing the talent they need to run the business.

NJW’s recruitment arm – Talented365 offers employers pre-qualified candidates from within the Facilities Management and Property sector who truly understand the subject matter. Talented365’s expert team of experienced consultants are fluent in all aspects of FM, Property and the recruitment market and are totally committed to raising the standards of the industry’s talent, both in the UK and Internationally. The sector knowledge of Talented365 is unrivalled and passionate about making every stage of the recruitment process as easy as possible for both clients and candidates alike. By having the right talent in the job this creates innovation within the company and also provides you with the stars / leaders of the future.

NJW have helped many companies improve and achieve their corporate objectives through organising and making accessible their data via Focal365, organising their business processes to align different data sources into a single portal view with Focal365, or through delivering Integrated Workplace Management System projects.

Results are from a survey that KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Institute and HfS Research recently conducted: “The Global Business Services Industry Study,” which covered the dynamics and intentions of 416 enterprises, with more than $1 billion in revenue, across global and regions and industries.