Published / 05/06/2015

NJW Launch new advisory service

NJW CEO Nigel Warrick has been providing best practice Real Estate, asset and facility management advisory services for over 25 years. In fact NJW has built a business around it.

This was not an intentional objective but has evolved as a consequence of designing and delivering fully configured Top HAT Cloud Analytics and IWMS Integrated Workplace Management Solutions for a very diverse range of corporate companies across multiple industry sectors.

This association has afforded NJW subject matter experts the privilege of working with the smartest real estate and facility management executives and best of breed technology solutions, fleshing out the ultimate daily operational and analytical requirements.

NJW now stands out as a totally independent, privately owned advisory service that has a deep understanding of all company legacy and service provider databases such as HR, Finance, real estate, space management, utilisation, room booking, projects and energy.

NJW are further unique as its Advisers effectively arrive with a cloud based fully loaded analytical solution that effectively sucks target data from your legacy databases to produce a first cut.

Using preconfigured technology and strategic toolkits NJW Advisers can quickly get to the route of your visibility problems and demystify the underlying big data sets.

NJW Advisers Define, Design & Deliver with proven data acceleration tools that effectively convert your targeted ‘BIG DATA’ into a ‘SLIM DATA’ data layer with automated MIA Management Information Analytics all hosted in the cloud. Underperforming data sets, technologies, stakeholders or operational procedures are quickly identified and improved.

Links through simple API’s to automate data transition from the desired legacy solutions is provided by NJW integration experts if the Top HAT Solution is to be kept as a SaaS software as a solution.