7 Reasons why your business should start using IWMS?

Published / 28/07/2015

Integrated Workplace Management Systems have always been part of a company’s strategic planning; new trends are constantly emerging and are reinforcing this practice as a necessity.

Reasons why you should start implementing a functional IWMS.

  1. Integration

More and more IWMS platforms are being brought on the market with new features. However, there is a common theme that they share, they’re all redefining and bringing new elements to the ‘I’ in IWMS.

  1. Mobility

With the surging popularity of mobile devices, our Internet access is no longer restricted to laptop and desktop computers. This is why it is imperative that systems have mobile usability. Workers need platforms that will allow them to access and update critical IWMS data from their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Data collection has always been a challenge for effective IWMS solutions. However, with ‘Smart’ meters and other connected devices, more data can be automatically fed directly into the modern IWMS solutions without human intervention. Not only does this improve the accuracy of the data collected, but also significantly reduces operating costs.

  1. Big Data / Analytics

2015 has been the year of BIG DATA. There is a huge reliance on deep insight and it isn’t enough anymore to just have the latest numbers from your industry – you need to understand how the numbers can work for you. The information needs to be accurate, up-to-date and understandable for all business stakeholders. Big Data about your workplace is the basis for informed strategic decisions.

  1. Data Standards

Outsourcing and co-operation with service providers and business partners is becoming increasingly important. Robust IWMS systems provide a platform to automate the exchange of high quality data in a consistent and structured format. Thus maintaining a good data standard between all parties.

  1. Capital Planning

This is targeted at Government, Healthcare and Higher Education bodies that operate their own buildings. The basic need is to identify the most important projects that need to be prioritised when funding is required. Capital Planning tools included in IWMS solutions are a huge help in these instances.

  1. 360 degrees of Customer Experience

Customer Service is key. You need to provide more than just necessary information. Businesses need to understand how their customers behave and what needs to be done to give them additional help for the best customer experience. IWMS can provide data about customers’ past actions and current needs. Additionally, many IWMS solutions have the ability to create future projections, to provide a complete view of the problems customers are facing.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses will have to integrate IWMS systems into their operation to achieve maximum efficiency. Click here to view our IWMS Solution.