ADVISER365 Provides independent Property, Asset and Facility Management expert consultants equipped with a data acceleration and analytics tool kit.

NJW Advisers harness a deep data knowledge with years of Property, Asset and Facility Management subject matter expertise to assist our clients in solving their Digital IT Strategies.

A successful Digital IT Strategy needs to be flexible to engage with ALL of your current technology solutions leveraging BIG DATA into a pre-configured, industry best practice TOP HAT cloud Solution.

With the ability to rapidly analyse your data as outputs from your current legacy databases, we can instantly activate the industry standard dashboards, reports and analytics through FOCAL365.

FOCAL365 is based on key principles of ease of use; visualisation of valuable information. By consistent use of maps, pictures, filters/drop-downs and other selection criteria, users’ attention is drawn to the important information. Time can be spent on the implications of the data, not trying to find out what is happening but dealing with it.

It is important when designing a Digital IT Strategy that your Advisers are independent, understand business processes, equipped with advanced tools and work to a tried and tested, accelerated implementation procedure. NJW Advisers not only provide a detailed roadmap for the future but also build a ‘CRM’ Conference Room Model within FOCAL365 to visualise your ultimate Digital IT Strategy.